I’m doing a thing: D&DF16

In case you’ve missed the subtle hints, I’m a bit of a geek. Sci-Fi? Love it. I will not share how many times I’ve watched Star Trek episodes movies seasons everything. I’ve had to have spent a quarter of my life watching/re-watching Star Wars. Fantasy? Working on a sleeve for my favorite series, Steven Erikson’s MalazanContinue reading “I’m doing a thing: D&DF16”

Vocab and syntax: a programming language is still a language

Disclaimer: I am not a fully-functioning programmer, yet, so please don’t look to me as an authority, by any stretch. What I am is curious and interested in languages, which gives me a unique perspective on things like programming *languages*. I am not multi-lingual. I can only speak English fluently, although I can muddle myContinue reading “Vocab and syntax: a programming language is still a language”

A note on vertigo

In case you are unfamiliar, vertigo is a sensation much like dizziness, except prolonged and, for me, often accompanied with the perception of time slowing down. I don’t mean like when you stare at the clock, willing it to go faster, although I experience that frequently, too. I mean my thoughts literally come to meContinue reading “A note on vertigo”

Suicide Squad, takin’ me back

I went to see Suicide Squad the other night. I was on the fence about going in the first place. DC has been a little lackluster in the film department. It’s not entirely their fault; Marvel beat them to it this time around. Anything they do is going to be compared to Marvel by default,Continue reading “Suicide Squad, takin’ me back”

I’m Learning Pardot

I am taking the plunge. When I accepted my new job offer, it came contingent upon my finishing a few more exams, including at least one for Pardot. I thoroughly enjoy marketing, and I’m a big fan of marketing automation (if it’s not clear from my speaking sessions always including it), so I’ve decided toContinue reading “I’m Learning Pardot”

Midwest Dreamin’ 2016

This was my second time attending this community event. What a week. Thursday I am the person who arrives too early. I just do. It’s bad. I was at Navy Pier by 09:30. I got some work done, drank some coffee, and then joined the Women in Tech Diversity group for lunch (thanks to SaaSyContinue reading “Midwest Dreamin’ 2016”

The Polymath’s Guide to Dealing With It

Well, this is awkward. I like to write when I’m happy and sometimes when I’m angry (anger makes me funnier!), which is like 87% of the time. When I don’t like to write is when I’m struggling with something that I don’t like to talk about – namely, crippling social anxiety. It’s no fun. It’s kindContinue reading “The Polymath’s Guide to Dealing With It”

Your Best Untapped Resource

If you’re anything like me, you have a love-hate relationship with your vendors. I loved my software platforms, enjoyed learning more about them, but after daily calls from various people, I became wary of the sales pitches. Even if I was reaching out to THEM for information. Catch 22. As I’ve moved into my newContinue reading “Your Best Untapped Resource”

Lessons Learned: Hide, Don’t Delete

There are benefits to starting at level 0. There’s nowhere to go but up. No one has overblown expectations of what you can do. Learning something new is literally the best thing. No bad habits, all best practices. This was how I started my Salesforce journey…just like everyone else. I took over an instance thatContinue reading “Lessons Learned: Hide, Don’t Delete”