Suicide Squad, takin’ me back

I went to see Suicide Squad the other night. I was on the fence about going in the first place. DC has been a little lackluster in the film department. It’s not entirely their fault; Marvel beat them to it this time around. Anything they do is going to be compared to Marvel by default,Continue reading “Suicide Squad, takin’ me back”

Probably time for a new blog title, no?

Sunday night finds me on my bed/couch watching Love, Actually. I’m only about 20 minutes in, so the waterworks haven’t started yet. On my drive here from the house earlier, I was struck with a very strange thought that has been bouncing around since then. I was trying to pinpoint what exactly I was feeling;Continue reading “Probably time for a new blog title, no?”

Back in black (and white)

Hiatus much? Life happens at a rate that I can barely match these days. We closed on the house on Monday, and I’m picking up the keys tomorrow night from the (now) former owner. To quote what I wrote in my boss’s baby shower card “shit just got real.” But that’s not what I’ve loggedContinue reading “Back in black (and white)”

Homemade apple butter – the extended edition

I am writing with the intention of sharing how Eric and I made apple butter last week for our DIY Christmas this year, but before I start, I just have to talk about yesterday. As some of you might know – hopefully all – on the 14th, The Hobbit will be released in theaters. ThatContinue reading “Homemade apple butter – the extended edition”