pol-y-math noun [pol-ee-math]

a person of great learning in several fields of study

This polymath…

I am Sam. I have had some very disparate jobs, from your typical teenage fast food gig to college retail, from antique’s dealer assistant to obituary writer, and from 9-1-1 dispatcher to teacher. I did a few things in between, too. I have learned a lot doing these things.

Some years ago, I stumbled into a gig as a “Marketing Data & Systems Analyst” (it used to be a longer title!), which introduced me to Salesforce and Marketo. Within a year, I was certified in both, and I drank enough kool-aid that my tongue turned blue. Worth it.

From there, I moved into consulting, and I now work with organizations to implement or optimize their Salesforce and marketing automation platforms.

This blog started years ago a crafting blog, but life happens, and crafts stopped happening as frequently. I still can barely ever make up my mind because everything sounds fun or interesting.

Somewhere along the way I decided that I should just accept that for what it is, and then I decided, since I was a writing major, that I should write about it. A lot. On a regular basis.

So this is my attempt at reconciling my interests’ differences.