Leaving Chicago, and I’m Thinking…

We are officially less than a month away from Midwest Dreamin’. Less than a month. You should be excited. If you are in the Midwest. Even if you are not in the Midwest, actually. Let me explain you a thing. *a few minutes of laughing at own joke and Googling “let me explain you a thing” memes*Continue reading “Leaving Chicago, and I’m Thinking…”

Lessons Learned: Vocabulary

Linguistics is a truly fascinating subject, if you think about it – the study of how people communicate, how words are formed, changed over time. The same word in the same language may mean something different, depending on where you live. It might also mean something different, depending on what software or platform you’re usingContinue reading “Lessons Learned: Vocabulary”

Lessons Learned: An Introduction

Remember Jack Handey? Yeah, ok, full disclosure – I was going somewhere with that, and then I started looking at Jack Handey quotes and 15 minutes later, I don’t remember why I brought him up. Which brings me to my point: I have made some hilarious mistakes in my life. I’ve made some not-so-funny ones, too,Continue reading “Lessons Learned: An Introduction”

Dear Vista Equity Partners (re: Marketo),

Hey, there. This is a pretty big win for you guys, I’m guessing, nabbing the leader in the marketing automation space. Honestly, good for you. I don’t like just passively hearing news, you know? So I took a look at your portfolio. I was mildly impressed – lots of technology there. I didn’t know anContinue reading “Dear Vista Equity Partners (re: Marketo),”

A Polymath’s Guide To…Submitting Speaking Proposals

There are 6 days left to submit a speaking proposal for Dreamforce 16. If you’re considering it, on the fence, not sure, I’m here to tell you to give it a shot. You have something to share. I promise. Sit down, let me tell you a story. Within 6 months of starting this job (the one that I’mContinue reading “A Polymath’s Guide To…Submitting Speaking Proposals”

Show Your Pride

 This is Nala. Correction: this is Nala circa 2012. Today, Nala is graduating from high school, and I’m simultaneously amazed at how quickly the time has gone, sad that all of my babies are grown up, and immensely proud of her (and my other students walking across the stage). Nala is the only student thatContinue reading “Show Your Pride”

Target Practice: Account targeting in Salesforce

Scene 1 (Barry sits center stage, looking at his computer screen, an Excel spreadsheet with a list of company names, highlighted in different colors. He holds a phone to his ear.) Barry: Scroll to the top of the sheet to the kelly green highlighted accounts. Those are the ones for you. The seafoam green are the onesContinue reading “Target Practice: Account targeting in Salesforce”

Return to Sin City: Marketing Nation

Honestly, before this year I had spent all of a few hours in Las Vegas – and in the airport at that. Now I could safely traverse at least two resorts with relative ease. Who knew? This was the first time Marketo held their Marketing Nation Summit in Vegas. Having never attended a previous Summit, IContinue reading “Return to Sin City: Marketing Nation”