Georgia on my mind

I grew up in the peach state, various towns and cities at different times, only vaguely aware that people lived in other states. It’s weird how that happens. When you define a place as Home, it feels strange sometimes to think that there are billions of people out there who not only don’t live near you,Continue reading “Georgia on my mind”

I did a thing: Becoming a Salesforce Admin Story

This is kind of awkward for me, which is weird because I’ve acted and spoken publicly, and I don’t get really bad stage fright. This feels different, though. I did an #AwesomeAdmin video. I was truly honored/humbled to be asked in the first place because, seriously, what do I have to tell people that better smarterContinue reading “I did a thing: Becoming a Salesforce Admin Story”

Midwest Dreamin’ 2016

This was my second time attending this community event. What a week. Thursday I am the person who arrives too early. I just do. It’s bad. I was at Navy Pier by 09:30. I got some work done, drank some coffee, and then joined the Women in Tech Diversity group for lunch (thanks to SaaSyContinue reading “Midwest Dreamin’ 2016”

Leaving Chicago, and I’m Thinking…

We are officially less than a month away from Midwest Dreamin’. Less than a month. You should be excited. If you are in the Midwest. Even if you are not in the Midwest, actually. Let me explain you a thing. *a few minutes of laughing at own joke and Googling “let me explain you a thing” memes*Continue reading “Leaving Chicago, and I’m Thinking…”

Around the World

Maybe the coolest thing for me, living in West Michigan, is knowing that Anthony Keidis grew up in Grand Rapids, at least for a while. What is also cool about living here is that we are actually closer to Chicago than we are to Detroit (at least in Holland). That means that it takes aContinue reading “Around the World”

West Michigan Women in Tech

February 25th marked the inaugural West Michigan Women in Tech User Group meeting. The first meeting for the West Michigan WIT User Group was snowed out – fitting for where we live. And befitting West Michigan ladies, we just rescheduled. *Snow happens* amirite? Accordingly March 22nd marked the inaugural West Michigan WIT User Group meeting. WeContinue reading “West Michigan Women in Tech”

Impromptu Salesforce Kool-Aid Post!

I’ve never been a joiner, ladies and gentlemen. I avoided pep rallies during high school. I avoided social clubs during college. During Institute at TFA, I declined any and all of the even remotely voluntary events (and some that were not so voluntary). I’m only pointing out all of this because if you know me –Continue reading “Impromptu Salesforce Kool-Aid Post!”