GTD: One Year Later

I wrote, just over a year ago, about discovering GTD…that’s a misnomer. I didn’t discover it. It was required reading. But…I mean, it’s kind of discovering? Not the point. A year ago I wrote about being new to the concept, new to the practice, and now, with little time to write these days and evenContinue reading “GTD: One Year Later”

Ready Admin One

Or what video games have taught me as a Salesforce admin (and consultant). I realize that this will come as a shock to almost 0% of my audience, but I like to play video games. Mostly long (100 hour plus) RPGs with rich stories, well-developed characters, or at least enough of one to mask the lackContinue reading “Ready Admin One”

Vocab and syntax: a programming language is still a language

Disclaimer: I am not a fully-functioning programmer, yet, so please don’t look to me as an authority, by any stretch. What I am is curious and interested in languages, which gives me a unique perspective on things like programming *languages*. I am not multi-lingual. I can only speak English fluently, although I can muddle myContinue reading “Vocab and syntax: a programming language is still a language”

Asphyxiation: what a yarn

I have kept quiet about some recent developments in one of those superstitious attempts to not jinx things. To be honest, I don’t know if it’s worked because I haven’t heard back yet anyway. All week, I’ve felt as though I were holding my breath, and with a holiday weekend upon us, I think theContinue reading “Asphyxiation: what a yarn”

Stick a pin in me; I’m done

When I woke up yesterday, I had already decided to take onat least three projects, one of them being a sewing project I have been putting off – a pin cushion. It seemed easy enough, and I thought it would make a good pause between other projects. Hand sewing, for me, can be almost aContinue reading “Stick a pin in me; I’m done”

The Long and Winding Bobbin

I have put off sitting at my sewing machine again, but today I had a few hours to spare, since E was playing Xbox with the guys. I also feel like absolute crap with a throat/chest/nose congestion thing, so sitting in front of a machine seemed like a doable feat. In speaking with my mom,Continue reading “The Long and Winding Bobbin”

I’m Better Than I Think, And Then I Think I Could be Better

Let me tell you something about second-guessing yourself when it comes to cooking, or rather, not doing what you know you should do. When you have a recipe in mind, and you know the basics of what you’re doing, just go with the basics and add onto it. Do not take short cuts or assumeContinue reading “I’m Better Than I Think, And Then I Think I Could be Better”