It’s Official: Sales Cloud Consultant

I bit the bullet last Saturday and took the Sales Cloud Consultant exam. (She writes, as if she hadn’t been studying 1-2 hours per night for the past two months.) I did the online proctoring, something I said I would not do again. But you know the saying about the best laid plans. It onlyContinue reading “It’s Official: Sales Cloud Consultant”

I’m Learning Pardot

I am taking the plunge. When I accepted my new job offer, it came contingent upon my finishing a few more exams, including at least one for Pardot. I thoroughly enjoy marketing, and I’m a big fan of marketing automation (if it’s not clear from my speaking sessions always including it), so I’ve decided toContinue reading “I’m Learning Pardot”

Success: Destination Success

or “What Happens in Vegas Goes on Your LinkedIn Profile” What a week. My brain still hurts. In a good way. Although shoving knowledge of Visualforce into a two hour block glances at the border of sadism. In a good way. I came into the office Monday¬†feeling a lot of different¬†things. Tired. Refreshed. Accomplished. Inspired.Continue reading “Success: Destination Success”