It feels later than it is

And I’m studying, but I keep staring at this empty page, “Person Accounts” written neatly and definitively at the top. Person Accounts. What a strange string of words to the uninitiated. I had two client calls today, during which I attempted to pack everything I know about the Salesforce architecture into a neatly packaged, five-minuteContinue reading “It feels later than it is”

Lessons Learned: Record Type IDs

Yeah. I forgot I started this series. I’m only human. I remembered it when I was thinking about this story I’m about to share (names and places changed to protect the innocent), so here it is. (BTW, I was inspired to write in this style by the creative work of my friends at Nerdforce!) I’m a professional,Continue reading “Lessons Learned: Record Type IDs”

Happy Holidays

Dear #ohana, I humbly submit for your approval this highly plagiarized and marginally altered version of “A Visit from St. Nicholas.” Because nothing says Christmas more than over-used tropes and sloppy satire. In all seriousness, you are my #ohana, and I wish you all safe and happy holidays. Twas the week before Christmas, or justContinue reading “Happy Holidays”

Marketo v. Pardot Cage Match: Round 3, Administration

If you’re wondering “why are we talking about administration, if the last round was emails?” Well, frankly, because it was the next thing I thought about. I kept trying to think of a logical order to do these in and just came up short. Then I remembered that this is my blog, and I canContinue reading “Marketo v. Pardot Cage Match: Round 3, Administration”

NaNoWriMo started this week

I have participated in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) for the past 7 years. Well, this will be my 7th year, not including Camp NaNo in the summers, which I usually only do half-heartedly. I had to look that up. Every year feels like the first year because it’s new and exciting, and I getContinue reading “NaNoWriMo started this week”

I’m getting real for a minute

I actually feel weird about that phrase because it implies that I’m not always real. To be fair, sometimes I feel like I’m not… But that’s not the point. It’s a widely understood idiom to the bulk of my audience. Moving on. Sometimes it’s hard to get up the energy to write one of these.Continue reading “I’m getting real for a minute”

Marketo v. Pardot Cage Match: Round 2, Sending Emails

Edited to include a note on Marketo’s Email Editor v2.0 First of all, disclaimer: Marketing Automation is not just for email automation. It does a lot more than that. However, for a small team that is just starting out with Marketing Automation, this is likely where you’re going to start, so that’s where we areContinue reading “Marketo v. Pardot Cage Match: Round 2, Sending Emails”