What I learned this week about: heavy cotton

There are some things we learn that feel like a well-earned, long journey. So much of what I know about Salesforce feels like that; it’s a lot of small steps that feel insignificant at the time, and then I look back, and I realize just how far I’ve come. A lot of those steps don’tContinue reading “What I learned this week about: heavy cotton”

Lessons Learned: Record Type IDs

Yeah. I forgot I started this series. I’m only human. I remembered it when I was thinking about this story I’m about to share (names and places changed to protect the innocent), so here it is. (BTW, I was inspired to write in this style by the creative work of my friends at Nerdforce!) I’m a professional,Continue reading “Lessons Learned: Record Type IDs”

Lessons Learned: Hide, Don’t Delete

There are benefits to starting at level 0. There’s nowhere to go but up. No one has overblown expectations of what you can do. Learning something new is literally the best thing. No bad habits, all best practices. This was how I started my Salesforce journey…just like everyone else. I took over an instance thatContinue reading “Lessons Learned: Hide, Don’t Delete”

Lessons Learned: Vocabulary

Linguistics is a truly fascinating subject, if you think about it – the study of how people communicate, how words are formed, changed over time. The same word in the same language may mean something different, depending on where you live. It might also mean something different, depending on what software or platform you’re usingContinue reading “Lessons Learned: Vocabulary”

Lessons Learned: An Introduction

Remember Jack Handey? Yeah, ok, full disclosure – I was going somewhere with that, and then I started looking at Jack Handey quotes and 15 minutes later, I don’t remember why I brought him up. Which brings me to my point: I have made some hilarious mistakes in my life. I’ve made some not-so-funny ones, too,Continue reading “Lessons Learned: An Introduction”