What I learned this week about: Pardot Form Handlers

A better title: What I learned last year about Form Handlers and am now getting around to posting. Holidays, amirite? I could probably write a whole series on Pardot Forms and Form Handlers, but it’s also probably been done already. Plus there is documentation available. Or you could pop over to Jenna Molby’s blog forContinue reading “What I learned this week about: Pardot Form Handlers”

Marketo v. Pardot Cage Match: Round 2, Sending Emails

Edited to include a note on Marketo’s Email Editor v2.0 First of all, disclaimer: Marketing Automation is not just for email automation. It does a lot more than that. However, for a small team that is just starting out with Marketing Automation, this is likely where you’re going to start, so that’s where we areContinue reading “Marketo v. Pardot Cage Match: Round 2, Sending Emails”

Sales Cloud for Marketing 2: Programs to Campaigns

Welcome to part 1 of my “Sales Cloud for Marketing” series, where I will discuss how to force Marketing and Sales to work together to make data that we can use. Today’s topic: building Marketo programs that play nice with Salesforce. To start off, let’s make sure we get the nomenclature down. In Marketo, aContinue reading “Sales Cloud for Marketing 2: Programs to Campaigns”

Sales Cloud for Marketing 1: Intro

I’ve had my fun, talking about myself, letting my freak flag fly, etc.┬áBut now it’s down to brass tax and all that. No one starts a Salesforce blog just to see their words on the screen (I ┬ámean, that’s part of it) – they do it to give back to the community that offers themContinue reading “Sales Cloud for Marketing 1: Intro”