Project Challenge: Front porch

These pictures show my front porch. As you can see, it is ugly. My Project Challenge for the weekend is to make it less ugly. More than that, I must do this without buying any new materials! Ideas so far: pillows for the chairs, a table cloth, window hanging-things, pots/plants, painted/decorated furniture. I will postContinue reading “Project Challenge: Front porch”

Twofer Tuesday 1: Guest Post!

And I’m back, with a vengeance! Not quite that bad. I was gone for the weekend, visiting friends up in Traverse City. Had a great time, but did not get to writing or crafting so much. No worries, though! My mom, who is an actual, professional writer, was telling me about the cobbler she’s beenContinue reading “Twofer Tuesday 1: Guest Post!”

The Crafty Polymath gets a job!

Updates have been slowing down in that I didn’t post yesterday. Oops! In my defense, it has been absurdly warm here lately. Don’t get me wrong, growing up in Georgia, I can handle heat, but it’s Michigan. How is it in the 90’s for two weeks straight? I think we’ll go to the beach forContinue reading “The Crafty Polymath gets a job!”

I’ve Mustered a Flatline

Welcome to Seattle winter, ladies and gentlemen. If you’ve ever contemplated the consequences of stepping just a tad over the edge of a cliff, you know what every day in Seattle during the winter is like. It’s a constant battle between your self-preservation instinct and your other self-preservation instinct, which realizes that if you have toContinue reading “I’ve Mustered a Flatline”