Obligatory 2012 in review post

The first thing I want to point out is that I recently changed my layout, and it automatically capitalizes every word in my titles, and that bugs me a little bit. Glad I got that off my chest. As most of you already know, last night saw the last day of the calendar year thatContinue reading “Obligatory 2012 in review post”

Limbo. Or “how TFA continues to screw with me”

I still hadn’t heard from GVSU by today, and while I wasn’t entirely surprised, I was concerned that perhaps there was some difficulty with transcripts. Sure enough, for some unknown reason, I went against my gut and had listed my time at Delta State on my application. I thought I had deleted it before submittingContinue reading “Limbo. Or “how TFA continues to screw with me””

A little bit about perspective

If desire alone were not enough to lead me to a new degree, then all of the signs would do the trick. In addition to the divine intervention on Saturday, I had even more pieces fall into place today. Namely the director of admissions of the engineering department and I spoke today, and we decidedContinue reading “A little bit about perspective”