NaNoWriMo Eve

Remember yesterday when I was going to do some crafting, but I had to work because someone called in? Well…at 9:45 this morning, my boss called and asked me if I could come in today. So still no crafting.

I wish I could say I was disappointed, but the fact is, all the hours I put in today were overtime hours, which means cha-ching. I can’t complain about that. And, sure, maybe by next Monday I’ll have worked for 12 days in a row, but I get 6 days off to visit my folks.

I do still have a project that needs to be started. And I still have all of the Christmas gifts to start, but I am confident that they will get done if I plan ahead enough.

Most important to me right now, however, is that there are a mere 4 hours to go before November, which means a mere 4 hours to go before National Novel Writing Month begins. In addition to working, this will keep me amazingly busy. But seeing as writing is a craft, to keep this place living and breathing, if I am unable to do “traditional” crafts, I’ll occasionally post updates on my novel for this year.

All told, I’m feeling pretty good about things right now. I hope you are well, and if you are writing this NaNoWriMo, may you have as much inspiration as you can handle!

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