The niche struggle is real

There are so many smart people in the Salesforce Ohana. Seriously. So many. They are in the community, on Twitter, writing blogs, hosting podcasts, just generally being awesome. Need to know how to write a formula? There’s a blog for that. Process Builder trouble? There’s a weekly webcast for that. Prepping for an exam? SoContinue reading “The niche struggle is real”

Have I written about insomnia before?

On stretches like this, more than a night or so staying up later than I intend, I like to console myself by saying that insomnia thrives in creative people. Clearly my inability to sleep works in direct correlation to my ability to create. And, if you’ve noticed a “minor” dip in my number of postsContinue reading “Have I written about insomnia before?”

Scratching the itch of nostalgia

My bet would be that most folks reading this blog have not danced with Windows 8 yet. I’ll admit it takes some getting used to, and mostly what I do, working at Geek Squad, is resetting computers or removing passwords because folks are returning computers. Who cares about Windows 8, you’re probably asking. 9 timesContinue reading “Scratching the itch of nostalgia”

A little bit about perspective

If desire alone were not enough to lead me to a new degree, then all of the signs would do the trick. In addition to the divine intervention on Saturday, I had even more pieces fall into place today. Namely the director of admissions of the engineering department and I spoke today, and we decidedContinue reading “A little bit about perspective”

NaNoWriMo: An excerpt

Writing is, strictly speaking, a craft. This blog is meant to showcase my crafts. Thus, an excerpt from my novel this year, which is currently sitting pretty at just over 33,000 words. This particular scene is about halfway through what I have so far. Two main characters are rival mercenaries/assassins, and one has been sentContinue reading “NaNoWriMo: An excerpt”