Divine intervention

Eric has said many times that it seems things just happen in my life. This can be good or bad, but regardless, I always seem to fall into things. And if I think about it, I can see that trend myself.

After college, I left my job at a candy store to pursue a “real” job. I had joined the volunteer fire department by then, and I was using a newspaper to look for jobs because both of my parents worked in journalism, so it was a natural choice. That’s how I found an opening for part-time/temporary full-time 9-1-1 dispatchers. I had no experience, but I still applied, won them over, and got the job. Dispatching was a lot of fun.

When I lived in Seattle, my first job was at Target, and I took that job because it meant I didn’ t have to live in my car; I could actually get an apartment and stay there. But after I met Eric, I wanted more, and he let me borrow his computer a few times. I browsed Craig’s List a lot for furniture, and I decided to take a look at jobs one day. A quasi-local nonprofit (Seattle Goodwill) had a job posting for a Risk and Safety Support Specialist. I applied, hoping that my background in the fire service would help. I was the third applicant, the third interview, and I got the job. My boss from that job and I are still close.

I had some strange health problems in Seattle, and I went to an alternative specialist when nothing else seemed to work. While there, I read an article about Teach for America, and it inspired me to apply, which I did, and I was accepted. If we hadn’t moved to Arkansas via TFA, Eric would not have gotten the job at US Steel, so he would no manufacturing experience, and wouldn’t have gotten the job that brought us here. I also would not have learned that I am actually good at math.

Which brings me to today. While I was at work, a nice gentleman who works at a local university had some exchanges, and as I helped him with his transaction, we started talking. I mentioned that I have been considering going back for an engineering degree, and it just so happens that he knows most everyone in the engineering department. He gave me some great information, left me with his card, and told me to call him any time. He had some great advice, and I left today feeling rather confident.

There have been many times that I mull over decisions I’ve made and conclude that I screwed up somewhere. I didn’t go to Stanford (so I didn’t have student loans); I never moved to England (so I met my husband); I joined TFA, so have struggled to find a job because most people wonder why I’m not teaching (I love my job now). But today I watched all of those pieces that had to fall in line just so I could have a conversation with a complete strange who showed the utmost faith in my ability to go back to school and excel.

Maybe he didn’t give me a free pass into the college, but he’s given me the exact boost that I needed to start making things happen. It’s great that a lot of things in my life fall into place on their own, but I think it’s time for me to push a few of those bits into place.

In other news: Eric is coming home early this weekend, so I will have to put off working on his Christmas present until Tuesday and Wednesday when I have some time off. This is not a bad thing; it just means a further delay in my actual crafting blog. 🙂

Published by Polymath @ The Safin Hold

Hi. I live in Michigan, but I'm from Georgia, Pennsylvania, Seattle, and Arkansas (no, not an Army brat). I live with my husband and our cats, Cirilla and Dandelion. I'm a bonafide Salesforce Admin & Marketo Certified Expert. I like to craft. I like to cook. I like to eat and drink. I like to laugh. I like comic books and video games and sci-fi. I like a whole lot of things, and chances are, I will like you! I've also been a lot of things, like a 9-1-1 dispatcher, a teacher, and for a while I wrote obituaries. Right now I am a Salesforce Consultant! Who knew? Friends?

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