A day off (revised)

I had what I thought was a witty post written about my largely uneventful day today. But I decided not to post it.

While I will be the first one to tell you that I like to be the center of attention, I realized, toward the end of the original post, that I am actually uncomfortable airing all of my grievances for the world to see. Perhaps some of my internal demons are meant to be internal, and maybe I don’t want everyone I know – and a few people I don’t – hearing the chorus of their voices.

So instead I will just leave you with the highlights:

1. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is a very funny musical, as its Commentary! The Musical extra. If you’ve not seen it, do yourself a favor and get on that.

2. Hawkeye is a real ladies’ man, and that is pretty cool. Also, boomerangs.

3. It snowed! Yay.

4. Freaks and Geeks, long touted as a must-see by my dad, is a must-see.

5. I get fuck-all done on my days off, and that really needs to change.

A new year begins soon. Hopefully it will bring with it a house, some inspiration, and school. And really, I cannot ask for more than that.

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