Twofer Tuesday 2: Project update

Well, I am about 8 hours…I think…into the cross stitch/needlepoint project, and this is where I’ve gotten: I appreciate that there is actually one complete(ish) shape done. And I appreciate that I’ve already gone through two of the very long strands of thread that they supplied. But 8 hours! And this is all I haveContinue reading “Twofer Tuesday 2: Project update”

So, um…

I think I mentioned some other project being an exercise in patience. That was a lie – a dirty, stinkin’ lie. Well, not a lie, but ignorance. I hadn’t done cross stitching – real cross stitching – yet. Last Friday, for my “weekend” project, I picked out a cross stitch kit at work and broughtContinue reading “So, um…”

Super Birthday Project Complete!

Last week, I bought the initial materials to make my brother’s birthday gifts. I have officially finished the project, and it is sitting at my dining room table, waiting for a box, so it can be shipped. As I was making some finishing touches last night, I started musing on the benefits on homemade gift-giving.Continue reading “Super Birthday Project Complete!”

Wind Chimes

Married! I have a plethora of fun crafty things that I did for my elopement/wedding ceremony with family that I hope to post here over the next few days, but suffice it to say, I was too busy to be posting anything. Before I get to the wedding themed things, though, I wanted to makeContinue reading “Wind Chimes”