Obligatory 2012 in review post

The first thing I want to point out is that I recently changed my layout, and it automatically capitalizes every word in my titles, and that bugs me a little bit.

Glad I got that off my chest.

As most of you already know, last night saw the last day of the calendar year that we have all agreed was 2012. The more I study math, the more I think things like time and calendars are both absurd and necessary. I understand it as a social construct to create some semblance of normalcy, and in that case, like language, it is absolutely necessary. But I also know that on a cosmic level, it doesn’t matter. And the more I think about that, the more I think that a lot of the trickster myths are spot on; paradox is everywhere.

2013 is starting here in Michigan with snow; it’s not sticking, but I like watching it fall on this quiet town.

Last year was a great year for me. I got out of the classroom and out of Arkansas, sparing my relationship in the process. I made another adventure cross-country to start a new life, and that is always a great thing. I married the best damn guy I’ve ever met, who is not only someone I can stand being around every day, but is supportive, fun, and just all around great. I know I like to poke fun, but really, I am a lucky gal. I was hired full time into a company that never hires new people for full time positions, and that job has me working with some great people. I finally applied to go back to school, and despite some hiccups of a bureaucratic nature, I can’t imagine it not happening.

Last year was all a huge stepping stone to set up for this year. All things remaining equal, this year will see us buying a house, my return to academia, and our one-year anniversary.

On the crafting front, I did some great stuff, too. I made a purse; I practically redecorated my brother’s room from a few states away, and I made a board game. My most popular post, by far, was my Guide to Failure, and I watched this blog grow from a tiny seed to a marginally sized plant. I consider that a success.

So, here’s to a new year! Keep it crafty!

Published by Polymath @ The Safin Hold

Hi. I live in Michigan, but I'm from Georgia, Pennsylvania, Seattle, and Arkansas (no, not an Army brat). I live with my husband and our cats, Cirilla and Dandelion. I'm a bonafide Salesforce Admin & Marketo Certified Expert. I like to craft. I like to cook. I like to eat and drink. I like to laugh. I like comic books and video games and sci-fi. I like a whole lot of things, and chances are, I will like you! I've also been a lot of things, like a 9-1-1 dispatcher, a teacher, and for a while I wrote obituaries. Right now I am a Salesforce Consultant! Who knew? Friends?

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