Morning Routines

I was just looking at my basic Twitter feed, and amidst the Salesforce and Mass Effect and election posts, there was a Promoted Tweet from the Wall Street Journal – (I’m sure you’ve all seen the article in the journal, but I want to stress that it’s all conjecture.  My feelings journal? Michael, he means theContinue reading “Morning Routines”

Time flies etc.

I have had a few people lately approach me to ask about what it’s like being a consultant. I’m always a little surprised by that because I think “why would they ask me? I haven’t been at it very long.” I looked at the calendar recently. It’s already almost September. 2017. What the actual…anyway, thatContinue reading “Time flies etc.”

Georgia on my mind

I grew up in the peach state, various towns and cities at different times, only vaguely aware that people lived in other states. It’s weird how that happens. When you define a place as Home, it feels strange sometimes to think that there are billions of people out there who not only don’t live near you,Continue reading “Georgia on my mind”

Show Your Pride

 This is Nala. Correction: this is Nala circa 2012. Today, Nala is graduating from high school, and I’m simultaneously amazed at how quickly the time has gone, sad that all of my babies are grown up, and immensely proud of her (and my other students walking across the stage). Nala is the only student thatContinue reading “Show Your Pride”

West Michigan Women in Tech

February 25th marked the inaugural West Michigan Women in Tech User Group meeting. The first meeting for the West Michigan WIT User Group was snowed out – fitting for where we live. And befitting West Michigan ladies, we just rescheduled. *Snow happens* amirite? Accordingly March 22nd marked the inaugural West Michigan WIT User Group meeting. WeContinue reading “West Michigan Women in Tech”