Wind Chimes

Married! I have a plethora of fun crafty things that I did for my elopement/wedding ceremony with family that I hope to post here over the next few days, but suffice it to say, I was too busy to be posting anything. Before I get to the wedding themed things, though, I wanted to makeContinue reading “Wind Chimes”

A New Recipe, and I Want to Scream

Life really likes to throw curve balls. No. That’s not right. Life likes to throw knuckle balls and spit balls, then follow up with a fast ball, and finally throw a curve that swings in low and knocks you on your ass. That is what life likes to do. And normally, I am standing atContinue reading “A New Recipe, and I Want to Scream”

Officially a Stitched Bitch

Unlike most of my previous endeavors, which often took on the following pattern: diving in head first, realizing the water is too deep, and desperately clawing my way up, I have taken this project of learning my sewing machine at a comfortable, steady and very slow pace. When E presented me with the sewing machineContinue reading “Officially a Stitched Bitch”

Not Quite as Bleu

I joined Spark People recently, and I’ve been nabbing a lot of recipes from there. They’re already put into the nutrition tracker, so it makes counting calories, etc a lot easier. That’s where I found this recipe for “Chicken Cordon Bleu, California Style”. Traditional cordon bleu is chicken, ham, and swiss cheese breaded and sauteedContinue reading “Not Quite as Bleu”

The Long and Winding Bobbin

I have put off sitting at my sewing machine again, but today I had a few hours to spare, since E was playing Xbox with the guys. I also feel like absolute crap with a throat/chest/nose congestion thing, so sitting in front of a machine seemed like a doable feat. In speaking with my mom,Continue reading “The Long and Winding Bobbin”

Risotto and a Little Disappointment

Last night I made my swiftly becoming famous risotto, though where I usually include shrimp, I used mushrooms. I love risotto because it is versatile –it can take on many flavors, and you can put almost anything in it. It’s also time consuming. Stirring for 45 minutes has to burn some calories, though, so it’sContinue reading “Risotto and a Little Disappointment”

I’ve Mustered a Flatline

Welcome to Seattle winter, ladies and gentlemen. If you’ve ever contemplated the consequences of stepping just a tad over the edge of a cliff, you know what every day in Seattle during the winter is like. It’s a constant battle between your self-preservation instinct and your other self-preservation instinct, which realizes that if you have toContinue reading “I’ve Mustered a Flatline”

Chapter 1: Knowing Your Sewing Machine

The first time I ever made a B on a school assignment, I had a mini breakdown that involved writing the letter B on a sheet of paper multiple times and doing whatever I could do to that paper to destroy it. I think toothpaste was involved. Over time, I came to understand that aContinue reading “Chapter 1: Knowing Your Sewing Machine”