Wedding Wednesday: Make me a favor worthy of matrimony

Holy melting ice cream, Batman, it is 99 degrees today! With the humidity, it feels like 108, and we are under an “Extreme Heat Advisory”. How did I learn this? Oh, well, Eric and I decided to make the 2 mile round-trip walk to the Dollar General for some super useful things like deodorant, andContinue reading “Wedding Wednesday: Make me a favor worthy of matrimony”

Wedding Wednesday: The Sam & Eric Exhibit

Happy Hump Day! So, if you’ve read more than one post on this lil blog, you will see that I enjoy puns and alliteration more than should be allowed. Perhaps it’s a throwback from my days of writing MLA papers (MLA requires the use of a creative title), or perhaps it’s just another quirk ofContinue reading “Wedding Wednesday: The Sam & Eric Exhibit”

In lieu of flowers

I titled this post a half hour ago, and then I went about addressing some Thank You cards. Now, coming back to it, “in lieu of flowers”, I recognize why it seemed so easy for me to type. I used to write obituaries for a local newspaper, and when a family wanted money donated toContinue reading “In lieu of flowers”