Wedding Wednesday: Make me a favor worthy of matrimony

Holy melting ice cream, Batman, it is 99 degrees today! With the humidity, it feels like 108, and we are under an “Extreme Heat Advisory”. How did I learn this? Oh, well, Eric and I decided to make the 2 mile round-trip walk to the Dollar General for some super useful things like deodorant, andContinue reading “Wedding Wednesday: Make me a favor worthy of matrimony”

Twofer Tuesday 2: Leftovers, Italian style

Pop quiz! You are looking for something to make for lunch. You are at home with time, but you are going away for the weekend, so you don’t want to make anything big, and you don’t want to leave any leftovers in the fridge to start decomposing over the next two days. What do youContinue reading “Twofer Tuesday 2: Leftovers, Italian style”

Twofer Tuesday 1: Goodies!

As (I hope) I mentioned, this weekend I came home with a nice new array of fabrics, as well as an old Scrabble board that I will find a use for. I am not entirely sure which game board craft to do with the board, but I thought it could be useful, regardless. As forContinue reading “Twofer Tuesday 1: Goodies!”

Polymath Craft from the Past

What a weekend! Surprise for father-in-law was definitely a surprise. Beer was flowing, food was consumed, and it was an all-around good time. Eric was victorious in all games played, too, which did not surprise me; he is ruthless on the gaming field. I even returned home with a paper bag full of fabrics, whichContinue reading “Polymath Craft from the Past”

Upcoming projects….but first!

In light of my craftilicious job news yesterday, I rewarded myself with new walking/running shoes and a new crafty book: Improv Sewing. As a new stichin’ bitch, I actually kind of suck at using patterns and seeking perfection, so this book seemed like a great way to maneuver around all of that. I’ve already bookmarkedContinue reading “Upcoming projects….but first!”

The Crafty Polymath gets a job!

Updates have been slowing down in that I didn’t post yesterday. Oops! In my defense, it has been absurdly warm here lately. Don’t get me wrong, growing up in Georgia, I can handle heat, but it’s Michigan. How is it in the 90’s for two weeks straight? I think we’ll go to the beach forContinue reading “The Crafty Polymath gets a job!”

Twofer Tuesday 2: Failure Update

If you read my wildly successful Guide to Failure, then you already know that my level of geekiness extends to painting miniatures. This is a source of entertainment and heartbreak. After my descent into madness and decision to start all over, I put away Adelaide (the miniature) for a while. But today I was readyContinue reading “Twofer Tuesday 2: Failure Update”

Twofer Tuesday 1: The Frame Project is COMPLETE!

I mentioned a project that had hit a snag on Friday, and I am happy to say that I rethought it, and it is finished complete. Back story: I had had this idea to make a “Poem Frame”, which is pretty much what it sounds like. I cut up a poem and decoupaged it ontoContinue reading “Twofer Tuesday 1: The Frame Project is COMPLETE!”

A healthy dinner (?) and healthy distraction

Argh. Right now my mind probably looks something akin to an urban war zone. For TFA folk, it’s Institute season, and it shows all over my Facebook feed. During the last few days of school, I deactivated my account temporarily to avoid the sense of soul-crushing defeat, watching all of these (not much) younger peopleContinue reading “A healthy dinner (?) and healthy distraction”