A healthy dinner (?) and healthy distraction

Argh. Right now my mind probably looks something akin to an urban war zone. For TFA folk, it’s Institute season, and it shows all over my Facebook feed. During the last few days of school, I deactivated my account temporarily to avoid the sense of soul-crushing defeat, watching all of these (not much) younger peopleContinue reading “A healthy dinner (?) and healthy distraction”

A New Recipe, and I Want to Scream

Life really likes to throw curve balls. No. That’s not right. Life likes to throw knuckle balls and spit balls, then follow up with a fast ball, and finally throw a curve that swings in low and knocks you on your ass. That is what life likes to do. And normally, I am standing atContinue reading “A New Recipe, and I Want to Scream”

Sunday Meat Market

A little background here, before I start discussing my meatballs: When I was almost 10 years old, my mom made a medical decision with her doctor to stop eating meat. It was a trial separation from animal products. She started making herself separate meals without meat, and cooking an extra meal or two for myContinue reading “Sunday Meat Market”