Chapter 1: Knowing Your Sewing Machine

The first time I ever made a B on a school assignment, I had a mini breakdown that involved writing the letter B on a sheet of paper multiple times and doing whatever I could do to that paper to destroy it. I think toothpaste was involved.

Over time, I came to understand that a B was not only still a passing grade, but also still above “average”. And more than that, I learned that there were more important things than grades. Of course, eventually I got my first C, and it was downhill again. But don’t worry: my final GPA in high school and college was an A, so I kept up my dream of good grades.

When it comes to non-academic pursuits in life, I have a greater tendency to not excel and to give up after failure. So I am taking this “parts quiz” in stride. I got a B.

However, to make myself feel better, here are the reasons I think I made a B on this quiz:

1. Following my S.E.W. book that E got me for Christmas, it gives a list of important machine parts according to the author. I was using this list to test knowledge.

2. The aforementioned book also focuses on a mechanical machines, not electronic, which is what I have.

3. The book also does not list all of the parts that my machine manual lists.

Ok. There it is. The part on the list that I missed was the “bobbin winding tension disk”, which is not surprisingly right next to the bobbin winder. But I could not determine what the little metal bit on the other machine was, so I assumed that was it.

This brings me to what that metal part is: the thread guide. The be fair, that part is not listed in the S.E.W. book as one of the parts that I should know. That’s my excuse, in more specific terms.

I have to say, though, I am really happy to know my machine this well. The best part is that I can describe what each part is for, and I think that is what is really important. It also means that the next step is to actually suck it up, face my fear, and wind a bobbin.

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