I don’t mean to brag, but…

I decided to make my coworkers a ginormous batch of cookies for the day after Christmas. All but one of us in the precinct is working the day after (aka “the Show”), and I think we’ll need some extra cheer during our busiest – and likely lowest attitude – day. And JT had us close a little early this evening, so that we could get home to our families, and I to my oven.

And I baked, dear reader; I baked.

I made a double batch of my favorite oatmeal-chocolate-chip cookies, and a regular batch of my Christmas tradition cookies (this time with actual sprinkles!).

Exhibit A
Exhibit A

This is but a taste of the baking that ensued when I got home.

That’s great, but that does not explain my title. Oh, no. Feeling particularly bold, I decided to try something new. A month ago or so, Eric and I bought a donut pan. I have since made a batch, but as I said…bold. So tonight I thought “I know what’s Christmasy! Booze!”

I switched up the recipe that came with the pan and made chocolate donuts. And then I dipped those suckers in a Bailey’s glaze. BAM!

The pouring got a little messy...
The pouring got a little messy…

The batter for these is always a little thin, and after two batches of cookies, it was strange to work with. And also, I am messy, so there are little bits of batter all over the pan. Mmmmm!

Making the glaze. I had to add more sugar than I had intended...couldn't get it quite thick enough at first.
Making the glaze. I had to add more sugar than I had intended…couldn’t get it quite thick enough at first.

It’s amazing what I can do with only about 4 combined feet of counter space.

Dippin' donuts, Batman!
Dippin’ donuts, Batman!
There they are!
There they are!

And then, because I was feeling so very fancy, I decided to sprinkle a little sea salt on these bad boys to offset the sweetness.

These are not for my coworkers. These are for my hubby.
These are not for my coworkers. These are for my hubby.

So, yeah. I don’t mean to brag, but I made some chocolate-bailey’s-glazed-donuts tonight. Merry Christmas to all!






Got a few hours to spare?

I’ve traded my 5am part time shifts for full time work and occasional late nights. That means, of course, that instead of leaving work, coming home, and being too tired to do anything, I get up at a reasonable time and don’t go to work until the afternoon. I also need more pairs of khakis that I previously owned, so I bought a new pair. Alas, they were too long.

Luckily, I have a sewing machine!

For whatever reason hemming pants is a difficult task for me. It seems easy enough when I start Рmeasure, cut, sew. Once I get into it, though, I start second-guessing and fretting over details and length and such. So I re-measure, hesitate about  cutting, and then measure again.

Today I spent 3 hours working on the pants, and they came out okay, all things considered. I mean, the length is right (that is a first for me!). But this wouldn’t be a Crafty Polymath post if something hadn’t gone wrong with the whole process, right?

My sewing machine decided, somewhere at the end of the second leg, that it didn’t like…sewing, I guess. I’m not entirely sure what it did, but it started making a weird noise, and then when I looked at the finished product, there is a knot of thread just kind of…there. I’m not sure what went wrong, and honestly, I’m not that upset. The pants are the right length, and the knot isn’t that obvious.

So I’m quite proud of my accomplishment. Pants all hemmed and with an hour to spare before I leave for work.

In other news, Ann Coulter is at it again, being a big, mean-spirited source of evil. And I mean evil.

Anyway, there we have it. Ann Coulter is evil, and I hemmed some pants. I guess things sort of balance out…maybe.

Birthday time

Fall is a busy birthday season for me. I have my bff/college roommate’s birthday, dad, Eric, mom, grandma, and a few others interspersed. There goes my Christmas crafting time, no? Especially with November’s focus being writing fantastic fiction stories.

Hopefully I’ll have birthday gifts done completely soon.

Today is dad’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Dad!), so I am showcasing his handmade goodie today.

I struggled and awful lot with this one. My initial idea has been something along the lines of Atlanta Braves memorabilia…that I made. Then I thought about some sort of music-themed gift. I had a really hard time coming up with a fun way to use that theme, though, so I went back to the drawing board. The drawing board, of course, is mom.

She had a brilliant idea, as usual, and I took that as a spring board and went forward. She suggested a clock, and I ended up with this:

Time for idioms!

I went through a few prototypes in my mind. The first was a clock with various song titles with numbers, but I couldn’t find enough good ones that would translate well. Then I thought perhaps a family clock, where each number was a family member, but the numbers didn’t add up. Besides, I really liked the idea of using “One ring to rule them all.”

The clock face was pretty easy. I bought a pre-cut one at work, painted it with a metallic (copper) acrylic paint, and then wrote the words with Sharpie. I went with paint first, so that the marker wouldn’t bleed into the wood and get all blobby (that’s a technical term).

The hardware is sold separately in little kits. I bought one of those, and thanks to Eric’s finagling, we got it to fit and work. Fun story! It didn’t fit correctly initially, so I took a trip to the store for a Plan B. Good news: I have a Christmas present idea already!

Here are the parts that, well, make it tick.

I was so worried about getting it there on time, and it ended up arriving on Monday! Ha! It was a surprisingly easy process, all things told. I mean, once I had the idea. I would like to play with it a little bit more, but this was a great start.

I also sent a time-themed card.

I believe it was a success. Hooray! I was pleased with the outcome. And now dad has a very unique and fun clock! Time will never be the same…


P.S. Avengers got here yesterday! Hooray!


A tale of 12 ravioli

I mentioned in my last post that I made a fresh meal for my mother-in-law yesterday, and I also promised to post about the ravioli I made. Before I do that, though, I have to explain why making ravioli is so important to me.

My maternal grandmother, Margaret, was, above all else, a very loving woman. She was also an insanely talented cook. I grew up on the East coast, and during that time, she lived in California. I can count on one hand the number of times I met her, and I can count on one finger the number of times I had her ravioli. But to this day, that ravioli haunts my taste buds. For years, I listed “ravioli” on my favorite food choice in surveys, though the truth was that it was specifically her ravioli that I desired. No store-bought or chain-restaurant-made ravioli has ever come close.

Mine didn’t, either, but I’m willing to chalk it up to years of being tortured by the lack of her ravioli. She died 11 years ago, and the recipe went with her, so I am left to try only what my infantile culinary skills can put together.

Earlier this week, I made cannelloni for Eric, and because I only made half of the package of the shells, I still had a good amount of the cheese mixture left over. While prepping the pasta for his mom yesterday, the thought struck me to make ravioli! My birthday present this year included the pasta maker and the ravioli press, so it only seemed fair to try it.

Since Eric’s mom doesn’t eat cheese, I still made some spaghetti, as well. I also made the sauce. But I used frozen veggies because, I mean, c’mon. How much work can one person really do these days? Also…I had forgotten to buy enough produce. Oops.

I learned from last time, when the pasta didn’t dry long enough. So this time, I started the dough around 9am, while talking to my mom on the phone. I let the ball of dough dry for about 3 hours (some people say to wait a whole day!), and then I ran it through the pasta maker, and used the ravioli press. Our guests arrived almost half an hour after I had finished with the pasta maker. We then went about going to garage sales and what not, and the pasta had about 4 hours to dry on its own. We put a fan on it, just in case.

It came out great! And so did the ravioli. There were quite a few compliments, which is awesome for a person who is hungry for a good ego-stroking, like myself. The sauce was the best yet.

It got me all excited and confident to try out the canning supplies I got.

Anyway…here are the pictures:

Woops! Wednesday: The alliteration continues

This week has already been a whirlwind! How is it Wednesday? And before you ask, the whirlwind/Wednesday one was NOT intentional. They just happen so naturally!

I have been doing a lot – mostly work related stuff – but I have not made the time to post about it. Thus the “Woops!” But I’m not apologizing because, um, things have been basically awesome. That said, I don’t want to leave folks hanging, and with the exception of my failed pasta last night (another post, I promise!), I have been making some bang-up food lately.

The fresh produce from the farmer’s market has been helping immensely!

Sunday night, after finishing the porch project, I made “Skillet Gnocci with Chard and White Beans” from Eating Well. It’s, um, exactly what it sounds like. It’s gnocci (potato-filled pasta from North Italy. Scrumptious!), some sort of green (I used spinach), tomatoes, and optional cheese. And you cook it in a skillet.

Also, it’s one of our favorite meals.

It does not require cheese, for those who do not partake in dairy products.

AND, the original recipe calls for a can of diced tomatoes with Italian spices. Skip it! Buy fresh tomatoes, soak them in a little bit of oil, vinegar, and spices, and then add them as if they were canned. It’s the same thing, but it’s tastier and better for you.

So here’s what you’ve been scrolling past all these annoying “words” to see:

Twofer Tuesday 1: Messenger bag, polymath style

Solve this equation:

(2 yards of Spider Man fabric + approx. 2 yards of black fabric + aida cloth + bias tape)Sam’s frustration = ?

You probably guessed, based on the title…

A Spidey messenger bag!

A few posts ago, I mentioned making a tote bag out of the remaining fabric from the Super Birthday Project, but then I remembered that I don’t like totes, and I rarely use them. Besides, using a Spidey tote for grocery shopping seemed, well, sad – Spidey deserves better.

The reason I don’t like totes is that I don’t care for bags that sit on the shoulder and hang down. I much prefer them to across the body. You know, similar to a messenger bag.

But, as usual, there was a problem. Messenger bags are generally sturdy, and they tend to require thick cloth. I have a ton of cotton prints and some fleece. Show me a messenger bag made with thin cotton and fleece, and I’ll show you another item that does not exist anywhere. In answer to this, I wallowed in self-pity for about an hour, bemoaning my lack of good fabric.

Then I got crafty because that’s what I do.

About a year ago, I purchased some black aida cloth for a cross-stitching project that never happened. If you are unfamiliar with this type of cloth, it can be fairly rigid, but it is also riddled with holes, since it’s for cross-stitching. Of course, it’s also easy to wrap in other fabrics.

So that’s what I did.

For whatever reason, I don’t generally use patterns. For better or worse, I just go forward with my ideas when I get them.

Pictured here: fabric about to be mauled

I trace things, sure, but I am not a stickler on perfect cuts or anything. This is probably where a lot of my problems start, but until it becomes a major issue, I seem to fake it fairly well.

I did trace the aida onto the cloth for the panels

I could have done three completely separate panels, but I opted for one large panel in which I sewed three pockets, essentially. I used black for the outside and Spidey for the lining of the insider of the bag. I lined them up on the wrong sides, sewed around the edge, then flipped it back right-side and sewed the smaller middle pocket (which became the bottom).

The flap for the opening

My thought was that having one panel of fabric with three heavy inserts would be stronger than three panels sewn together. Once I had the main panel done, I just had to sew the sides together.

Luckily I had not finished sewing it all up before I remembered I needed a flap for the opening, otherwise it would not be a messenger bag. It would just be a cross-the-body bag. So I made that rather quickly.

Kids, this is what happens when you rush

I did it so quickly that the bias tape is not actually attached to the fabric in one spot. This is a relatively easy fix if I ever bother to do it.

And besides, you can’t tell it’s there unless I pull the bias tape up and out, and even then, you have to be close to it.

The other part that is rushed and looks bad, though I forgot to take a picture, is where the flap attaches to the bag of the purse. To cover the spot, I added a bit of bias tape (why did I not use this stuff before?!), but my sewing machine went a little crazy in the middle of it, and there is this fine curve right in the middle. Luckily, that is the side that rests against my person, so it’s not noticeable.

New Holland shirt courtesy of Pa.

The straps I made with *gasp!* bias tape and Spidey fabric sewn together. I had not planned on making this, so I didn’t have anything stronger. To ensure it can hold up, though, I sewed probably close to a bazillion stretchy zig-zag stitches.

Things I might change if doing again:

1. I would actually buy some heavy cloth, though making the aida pockets worked great!

2. I would have made the pockets with all black fabric, sewn the straps on, then made a liner of the Spidey fabric, so that it would be reversible!

3. Had something more strap-appropriate.

All-in-all, I did a Happy Dance when I finished this project last night. I had a pretty important meeting today (more on that later this week), so I didn’t break it out today, but I definitely will tomorrow to see how it works. But seriously, I can’t believe I made that!

Super Birthday Project Complete!

Last week, I bought the initial materials to make my brother’s birthday gifts. I have officially finished the project, and it is sitting at my dining room table, waiting for a box, so it can be shipped.

As I was making some finishing touches last night, I started musing on the benefits on homemade gift-giving. Apart from the obvious “it comes from the heart” bits of the homemade preference, I started wondering about cost, etc. So I am breaking that down using this project. Just as a preface, I think the homemade thing is cooler in general, and I will continue to make gifts if I can. I was just curious about this bit.

The Cost of Store-Bought

  • Spider Man Curtains with drapes and valance: combined $16 on Amazon.
  • Marvel Fleece Throw: $14 to $30 on Amazon.
  • Comic Sound-Effects Pillow: $13 to $25 on Etsy for most similar item (smaller throw pillow).
  • DC logo wall art:¬† $13 per logo x 3 logos = $39, not including framing.
  • Frame for ordered art: $7 and up

Total: $89 to $130ish

The lower end is not bad, obviously. Online shopping lends itself to lower prices, but for some of the items that I made, I would have had to move into the online hand-made sellers (art prints on Etsy) or art galleries online. The cost would have come from some of the more stream-lined items that I made (pictures at the end!).

Of course, the other issue is that I would have had just clicked a few buttons to get these items, so not much care would have gone into them. Also, I would not have ended up with the extra fabric that I now can use for other projects, which brings me to…

The Cost of Hand-Made

  • 4 yards of Spider Man fabric: $30 at Joann Fabric **2 yards left over = $15 for fabric used
  • 2 yards of Sound Effects fabric: $15 at Joann Fabric **1 yard left over = $7.50 for fabric used
  • No-sew fleece throw w/ Marvel Heroes: $20 at Joann Fabric.
  • Polyester Filler: $3 at Joann Fabric.
  • Frame for hand-made wall art: $5.25 w/ discount at Michaels.

Total: $50.25 for used items, $78.25 total

Even without taking out the cost of the left-over materials I have, I spent less by making the gifts. If you don’t count the extra fabric, then I spent a little more than¬† half of the lowest cost of buying pre-made goods.

One might argue that I should calculate the cost of my time. I spent, all told, about 10 hours working on this project. In order for me to calculate the time, I need to determine what that time is worth based on what other tasks I might have been doing otherwise. The answer of course is…nothing. I love to craft. Had I not been making curtains, I would have been making something else. If anything, I would say that the added benefit of doing something I enjoyed for ten hours in one week would drive the cost down.

All told, I am happy with how most of the items came out. I hope they look good in his room.

The final bit was this:

Is that the Justice League calling?

Last night, I decided I wanted to make something that would grow up with him a bit more – something that had a little bit of a modern feel to it. I cut up some card stock into 4×6 rectangles, and since I had already sent some money toward Marvel, I thought I would show DC some love, too.

These were relatively easy to make, all things told. The hardest part was the Superman logo because I wanted to make sure the proportions were right. Nothing a ruler and protractor can’t help with, though. I also did not have my Crayola green marker, so I had to improvise and use a Vis-a-Vis wet-erase marker for the logo on the Green Lantern’s and a Sharpie for the background. It still came out okay, though. The best part? With the exception of the frame, this part of the project cost nothing. And the frame, as I noted above, I got a discount on, so it was less than $6. It came out better than I’d hoped, and I think it will make a great final touch.

So that’s it!

One week, 10 hours’ work, and $50 made my brother some nice new additions to his Super Bedroom.

Next on the docket: a tote bag.

The only gift I didn’t make – some Super Stickers!

Curtain, valance, blanket, pillow, and wall art – made by me!