Fabric Lamentation

Fabric, you are not forgotten,
While I wrap myself within your formless folds.
I have no patterns to match your designs,
And so you sit, the dejected spinster, the aunt that no one visits.
You yearn to be used.
And I would do as you wish
If I had one single clue how to utilize you.

Spidey Senses

I am in full geek out mode lately, it seems. And now I have about two yards of extra Spider Man fabric.

At first, I danced with the idea of making a skirt because, well, they are easy, and I’ve done it before. What kind of blogger would I be if I only did stuff I felt comfortable with, though? I like to think that half of the fun is getting see the pictures of 135 inches of fabric splayed out on my floor because I asked for 4 yards instead of 4 feet.

So instead, I’m going the bag route.

I don’t do purses in general. I have used a grand total of 6 purses in my life time, and 6 of them were used before I really had anything worth carrying in a purse.

However, my thinking is this: I work in a craft store that required bag checks every day as we leave. Currently, I have a bag with umpteen thousand pockets, and it is kind of a pain to go through when I’m just trying to get home to craft. I need a simpler bag to bring to work that can hold my wallet, lunch, and phone with no problems. I am told these are generally called “tote bags”, so that is what I’m going for.

Most of them are made with canvas. I could go buy canvas. But I have a boatload of fabric upstairs and sitting on the dining room table, so that just seems silly.

Instead, I’ll be doing this project. FYI, it is through a website to which I am already subscribed, so it might ask you to subscribe. Suffice it to say, it’s a tote bag. And it doesn’t require canvas, thus my previous mini-rant.

In other news, I am working on a last minute bit to add to my brother’s Super Birthday Project, but I will keep it under wraps until I reach a decision. I also still have to make that valance.

Work might be getting even MORE hectic soon, but I will soldier on. So many craft projects and so little time! I apologize for this cop out post.

Also, because I don’t say it enough, thank you to all you folks who have subscribed to my blog. I spend most of my life feeling like I’m talking to myself, so it’s nice to know that at least a small handful of folks in the world are amused by my…well, trials and tribulations as well as successes. So thank you for sharing them with me, and I hope you enjoy!

Twofer Tuesday 1: Goodies!

As (I hope) I mentioned, this weekend I came home with a nice new array of fabrics, as well as an old Scrabble board that I will find a use for. I am not entirely sure which game board craft to do with the board, but I thought it could be useful, regardless.

Christmas in July!

As for the fabric, I have a little bit for practice, a little bit for clothes/clothing embellishments, and a whole lot for decorative projects. Remember my mess of a craft room? I didn’t clean it that day, like I said I would, but with the new fabric, I did spend the morning (before it got hot upstairs) organizing and straightening, so it was a good motivator.

Clothing fabrics? Embellishments?


It occurred to me that it is 4th of July week, so I decided not to venture out to Field’s this week. I can drop off my machine next week, and in the meantime, I can work on planning/cutting/etc. Once my machine is sufficiently cleaned and primped, I will go about sewing all of the seams together and maybe even, eventually, fixing the hem on that skirt.

As far as my first day yesterday, it was about what one might expect on a first day. I filled out a lot of paperwork; I watched videos about customer service and safety (the safety videos made me a little sad; I miss being the safety guru). I also made a fabulous first impression by “losing” my keys at the end of the day. Read: I just switched to a new purse, and I put my keys in a pocket that I forgot was there, thus spent a goof fifteen minutes scouring my car and the store for them. The manager just laughed it off, so I hope I didn’t set myself up as that person.

I work again on Thursday, and I will start doing my actual job training then, I think. I’m working “replenishment”, which means I’m basically a stock gal, but I’ll also be doing Planograms, a la my time at Target in Seattle. I enjoyed Presentation, so this should be a breeze.

The Merc with a Mouth!

The final goody for me today was this:

Say what?! Yes, that is Deadpool in the 90’s run of X-Men! Well, not really. It’s Morph taking the shape of Deadpool, but as I was bored, flipping through an old journal and watching X-Men, there he was. I squealed, had to rewind the scene, and take a picture.

You know, it really is the little things in life…