Twofer Tuesday 1: Goodies!

As (I hope) I mentioned, this weekend I came home with a nice new array of fabrics, as well as an old Scrabble board that I will find a use for. I am not entirely sure which game board craft to do with the board, but I thought it could be useful, regardless.

Christmas in July!

As for the fabric, I have a little bit for practice, a little bit for clothes/clothing embellishments, and a whole lot for decorative projects. Remember my mess of a craft room? I didn’t clean it that day, like I said I would, but with the new fabric, I did spend the morning (before it got hot upstairs) organizing and straightening, so it was a good motivator.

Clothing fabrics? Embellishments?


It occurred to me that it is 4th of July week, so I decided not to venture out to Field’s this week. I can drop off my machine next week, and in the meantime, I can work on planning/cutting/etc. Once my machine is sufficiently cleaned and primped, I will go about sewing all of the seams together and maybe even, eventually, fixing the hem on that skirt.

As far as my first day yesterday, it was about what one might expect on a first day. I filled out a lot of paperwork; I watched videos about customer service and safety (the safety videos made me a little sad; I miss being the safety guru). I also made a fabulous first impression by “losing” my keys at the end of the day. Read: I just switched to a new purse, and I put my keys in a pocket that I forgot was there, thus spent a goof fifteen minutes scouring my car and the store for them. The manager just laughed it off, so I hope I didn’t set myself up as that person.

I work again on Thursday, and I will start doing my actual job training then, I think. I’m working “replenishment”, which means I’m basically a stock gal, but I’ll also be doing Planograms, a la my time at Target in Seattle. I enjoyed Presentation, so this should be a breeze.

The Merc with a Mouth!

The final goody for me today was this:

Say what?! Yes, that is Deadpool in the 90’s run of X-Men! Well, not really. It’s Morph taking the shape of Deadpool, but as I was bored, flipping through an old journal and watching X-Men, there he was. I squealed, had to rewind the scene, and take a picture.

You know, it really is the little things in life…

Twofer Tuesday 2: Failure Update

If you read my wildly successful Guide to Failure, then you already know that my level of geekiness extends to painting miniatures. This is a source of entertainment and heartbreak.

After my descent into madness and decision to start all over, I put away Adelaide (the miniature) for a while. But today I was ready to pick up the brush again and give it another go. I would call this a success.

Because I like my “miniature magic” to be told in magical pictures, here you go:

Twofer Tuesday 1: The Frame Project is COMPLETE!

I mentioned a project that had hit a snag on Friday, and I am happy to say that I rethought it, and it is finished complete.

Back story: I had had this idea to make a “Poem Frame”, which is pretty much what it sounds like. I cut up a poem and decoupaged it onto a frame in a fun and fanciful way (because what good is it if it’s not fun and fanciful?). Alas, as I was putting a picture inside the frame to see how it would look, I dropped the glass, and it broke. Now with a glassless frame, and one that actually did not hold a 5X7 picture very well, I had to think of something else. This brought me to an idea that I spied on for a frame with a letter hanging inside of it. I didn’t have any extra wooden letters (and, yes, I usually do), plus I could not think of what letter to put in it, so I put the whole thing aside for a bit.

Fast forward!

Today has been pretty amazing so far. I had a job interview (woo hoo!), and I realizedexactly what I wanted to do.

When I was frantically trying to decide on a bouquet alternative for my elopement, I had purchased a blackboard heart on a stick with plans to make it into a funky bouquet. Of course, I went with the lantern, but I still had this little knickknack, so I had painted “Eric & Sam” in white paint to make it look like chalk, and it has just been lying around.

So here’s what I did:

1. Painted, rather sloppily, the wooden frame with some silver paint. Because of the varnish on the wood of the frame, it came out looking more distressed than silver, but I liked it, so I kept it.

2. Cut out the lines of “Litany” by Billy Collins, which read at our wedding ceremony with family.

3. Cleverly pasted said lines on the frame in such a way as to make it look like I had a plan all along.

4. Cut out four images to include for a “pop”. Pasted those on more randomly.

5. Broke the glass and rethought the whole thing.

6. Cut the loooong stick off of the blackboard heart.

7. Took out the back of the frame and took off the back holders (I have no idea what the technical term is. Just look at the picture)

8. Painted the heart with red paint. One coat did the trick.

9. Dry-brushed with silver.

10. Tied the heart to a screw I left in the frame, so it hangs down.

All told, I think the project took maybe an hour, hour and a half? It was easy, and it looks pretty dang cool. I am happy with the end result, and I think it will be a very cute reminder of our early days of matrimony.