Birthday Boy Project: Super no-sew fleece throw

Yesterday I picked up some Marvel-licensed fabrics and a no-sew fleece throw blanket for birthday present crafting. I started on these crafts last night, to ensure I have plenty of time to work on everything and get them shipped out in time for the special day.

I took up the fleece blanket first because I could do it downstairs while watching Coraline, which I scored at the dollar store for $3.50!

I knew that the blanket was n0-sew, and I knew that it would probably take some time, but I did not know how sore my back would be after leaning over for about 2 hours. The work was also repetitive and felt a little bit uninspired. Not to say that the final product was not worth it. Perhaps the saddest part is that getting the kit was cheaper than buying fabric to make a throw. With the discount we nabbed, the kit was $20; to get the same amount of fabric needed to make one of these from chosen fleece would have been closer to almost $45 for one panel.

So this project was easier on my wallet if not my fantastic whimsies.

The highlight of working on the blanket was Zoe, who upon coming downstairs when I was nearing completion, decided that the blanket was obviously there for her. She came over and plopped right down on it and didn’t move until the thing was done, and I had to pick it up to shake it off and fold it. Ah, cats.

The finished product does look great, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little jealous. I should have purchased the Batman one for Eric and I. Oh well. Hindsight and all that.

Here are the pictures, from start to finish! And, yes, Zoe is included.

Twofer Tuesday 2: If we can’t save this craft, you can be damn sure we’ll avenge it

I’ll be the first to admit that the title is too long, but I really could not help myself.

I’ve seen The Avengers 3 times – not as many as some, but more than I am accustomed to visiting the big screen, so any chance I have to quote the movie is a win in my book. This was one of those chances; I took it.

Along with my cooking adventure today, I finally nailed down an idea for a use for two glass bowls(?) that I got for dirt cheap at the local Goodwill. I had originally intended to do a basic decoupage on them, make them a little more than just glass. Nothing was coming to me, and nothing was shouting at me for an answer. I scoured Google, Pinterest, all of those crafty-people web hangouts, and I couldn’t nail anything down.

Until today! Thank you, Well Dressed Home.

If you follow that link, you will see a series of 6 “profile magnets”, which are pretty much what they sound like. I didn’t have magnets, though, I had bowls(?), so I thought it would probably be even easier. Then I sat around for about a half hour, trying to decide what kind of profile I should design and cut out.

With Dark Knight Rises looming over the horizon, my first thought was the Bat Signal! How epic would that be? But then I realized that I didn’t really have anything to “pop” behind the black signal. I thought about taping some paper down and painting around it, so that the shape would be glass, and the rest would just be painted. But I wanted the bottoms to be completely covered if I could help it.

Then I remembered that I bought some temporary tattoos a while back for testing purposes – i.e. will temporary tattoos stick to wood or glass? They are Avengers tattoos, and the cardboard backing in the package had a big picture of the heroes! Perfect! Avengers is pretty much just as good at Batman, so I would just use that. And I did.

A bowl, some temporary tattoos, and a marker = good times.

But, this being me, there were a few snags.

1. My first thought was to cut out the Avengers’ A from the cardboard, so I would have a colorful A surrounded by a sea of black, or maybe blue. This wouldn’t work because I would have had to cut the A so small that you would not see the characters at all.

Circle of heroes!

Math! Had to make my A the right way…

What’s it pointing to?