Morning Routines

I was just looking at my basic Twitter feed, and amidst the Salesforce and Mass Effect and election posts, there was a Promoted Tweet from the Wall Street Journal – (I’m sure you’ve all seen the article in the journal, but I want to stress that it’s all conjecture.  My feelings journal? Michael, he means theContinue reading “Morning Routines”

Why I’m not crafting right now: the true Holland story

If you’ve been kind enough to keep reading my blog, you’re probably thinking “where are the crafts?” I am here to answer that question. Maybe you’ve heard – or even told someone – that there is a difference between an excuse and a reason. The truth is that a reason is just a socially acceptedContinue reading “Why I’m not crafting right now: the true Holland story”

Twofer Tuesday 1: Goodies!

As (I hope) I mentioned, this weekend I came home with a nice new array of fabrics, as well as an old Scrabble board that I will find a use for. I am not entirely sure which game board craft to do with the board, but I thought it could be useful, regardless. As forContinue reading “Twofer Tuesday 1: Goodies!”