You asked, I listened: Checkboxes in Pardot

I’ve barely kept the lights on around here in the past few years, but I have noticed I got a few comments asking about checkbox fields in Pardot. And in everyone’s defense I said that they would get a whole post, so…here we are. Checkbox basics Before we bring Pardot into the mix, let’s justContinue reading “You asked, I listened: Checkboxes in Pardot”

What I learned this week about: Pardot Form Handlers

A better title: What I learned last year about Form Handlers and am now getting around to posting. Holidays, amirite? I could probably write a whole series on Pardot Forms and Form Handlers, but it’s also probably been done already. Plus there is documentation available. Or you could pop over to Jenna Molby’s blog forContinue reading “What I learned this week about: Pardot Form Handlers”