Sales Cloud for Marketing 4: Sales Insight

Being where I am now in my admin career of both Salesforce and Marketo, it’s difficult to remember a time when I didn’t know what Sales Insight is. It’s even harder to understand why it wasn’t in use when I took the helm. If you have Marketo and Salesforce and your sales team does not haveContinue reading “Sales Cloud for Marketing 4: Sales Insight”

Sales Cloud for Marketing 3: This time, it’s Salesforce

Last time, I covered a lot of Marketo things – if you don’t have Marketo/access to Marketo/care at all about Marketo, I apologize. But it was necessary. This week we’re back in the loving embrace of the Sales Cloud and looking at what we need to do to ensure that our sales teams can accessContinue reading “Sales Cloud for Marketing 3: This time, it’s Salesforce”

Sales Cloud for Marketing 1: Intro

I’ve had my fun, talking about myself, letting my freak flag fly, etc. But now it’s down to brass tax and all that. No one starts a Salesforce blog just to see their words on the screen (I  mean, that’s part of it) – they do it to give back to the community that offers themContinue reading “Sales Cloud for Marketing 1: Intro”