Asphyxiation: what a yarn

I have kept quiet about some recent developments in one of those superstitious attempts to not jinx things. To be honest, I don’t know if it’s worked because I haven’t heard back yet anyway. All week, I’ve felt as though I were holding my breath, and with a holiday weekend upon us, I think the silence is all the answer I need.

No sense in keeping it all in now.

About two weeks ago, I applied for a job with Goodwill of Greater Grand Rapids doing, essentially, what I was doing for Goodwill in Seattle before I moved to Arkansas and began my rather sad attempt at teaching. I was very excited about it; so was my former boss, Tim, who called them and said “Hey, you know, she did great things for our Goodwill. You should hire her.”

I had a phone interview, and then last week I had an in-person interview. When I left they suggested I would hear back by the end of the week. Here we are, almost end of the day on Friday before a holiday, and I am thinking I won’t be hearing from them. I called a couple of hours ago to follow up; no answer.

So to distract myself, I am watching Doctor Who (I know, right? A shock!) and working on knitting. I haven’t touched knitting needles in about 8 years, so rusty is too kind a term.

I have tried twice to get a row or two done, but the cast is all wrong. I am looking at new ways to cast, so that perhaps I will have more success. In the meantime, Zoe has greatly been enjoying the presence of yarn in the house. I’ll get back to the knitting as soon “End of Time” is over. đŸ˜¦ Oh, 10th Doctor.

Completely Unexpected Bonus Post!

Where has this website been all my life?

Have I been living under a rock? Perhaps a tree? In all of my wildest, geekiest, craftiest moments, how did I never think to search for a website like this?

How have I never made a TARDIS?!

This must be corrected immediately.

Starting tomorrow, a new project takes center stage. Ladies and gentlemen, I am going to build a TARDIS. Maybe a small one at first, say, a jewelry box, but this is so on!