Georgia on my mind

I grew up in the peach state, various towns and cities at different times, only vaguely aware that people lived in other states. It’s weird how that happens. When you define a place as Home, it feels strange sometimes to think that there are billions of people out there who not only don’t live near you, but have most likely never even heard of your town.

When I was very little, I affected a thick Southern drawl, drew out my syllables as folk do in Georgia. But over time that dwindled, even living in the state. People who meet me now will not often guess that I spent the better part of my pre-adult years (and even early adult) in the foothills of Appalachia.

Fun fact: Georgia is the largest state East of the Mississippi. Yes, it’s true. Yes, even when you take the Upper Peninsula into consideration for Michigan.

I mention that because when I tell people I grew up in Georgia, they almost always know someone in Augusta or Savannah. I lived about 6 hours from them, in that case. I most likely don’t know them.

I’m headed that way on Saturday, the hubby and I hopping in a rental car to make the drive down. We’ll spend some time with my family at the homestead in the hills, and then I’m dragging him along with me to Southeast Dreamin’.


In addition to being excited about being in the place I learned how to walk and speak and be an adult*, I’m really excited about this stuff:

  1. Charlie Isaacs‘s keynote. He’s one of my favorite people in the community, so I’m very happy to see him speak.
  2. Rebe de la Paz is going to talk about educating end users – a topic near and dear to my heart.
  3. For my NPO friends, you can check out Adam Kramer‘s session on Optimizing NPSP as an Admin.
  4. My friend and fellow #GifSquad member, Amy Oplinger, is reprising her fantastic session on Imposter Syndrome.
  5. Phillip Southern is going to share how they created the open-source Trailhead leaderboard.
  6. Doug Ayers is sharing his presentation on using Process Builder to create a Chatter Bot.
  7. THE Jen Lee of Automation Hour fame is sharing a session on Flow.
  8. Chris Duarte‘s closing keynote! It’s like a delicious Salesforce sandwich, people.

Did I mention the Hackathon on Thursday (this will be my first!)?

Did I mention the SaaSie Tech Social?

Did I mention time with the community, seeing the #Ohana?

To be honest, Georgia hasn’t been home in almost 10 years, but having so many great things to look forward to, I know it’ll feel a lot more like it next week.

See you there?

*I am legally an adult. Whether or not I’m an “Adult” is up for debate.


Around the World

Maybe the coolest thing for me, living in West Michigan, is knowing that Anthony Keidis grew up in Grand Rapids, at least for a while.

What is also cool about living here is that we are actually closer to Chicago than we are to Detroit (at least in Holland). That means that it takes a whopping 2 hours to get from here to things like C2E2 or the Salesforce World Tour!


As my company is considering new service-side CRM solutions, I thought it would be prudent for those in the decision-making seats to attend World Tour. I mean, I obviously was going to go anyway, but my constant yammering about how awesome Salesforce is holds not a candle to actually being part of something like World Tour. So I dragged two folks along with me.

Once there, I may have kind of ditched them. NOT PURPOSEFULLY! I sat in on some breakout sessions with them, took them to the keynote, and gave them some pointers on navigating the event, but I had some goals myself.

(Quick note about the keynote – so inspiring. They always are, but it was really great to see Mary Tagler recognized as an #AwesomeAdmin.)


Happy trails to you!

First of all, I needed to earn an Astro. I’ve seen them on Twitter, and not having one in my life was pretty awful. So I spent some time with Trailhead, learned about Heroku, and stood in line to get my new friend…and the Lightning Component Developer Guide.

I attended a Circle on change management. It was a little sad to see a 90 minute session compressed into 30 minutes, and I don’t know if folks got everything out of it they could have. But I did see a friendly face from Destination Success there!

I also managed to track down SaaSy and grab a photo (of course).


All of that was fantastic.

But the best part was talking to my compatriots on the way home.

They were blown away. They didn’t understand what I was always going on about. They didn’t know how delicious the Salesforce kool-aid is.

But they do now.

I feel like Harry Potter, gathering my forces for good to prepare to fight against bad data and archaic practices. It is so exciting.

So I’m hoping in coming months, I’ll be able to talk about implementing Service Cloud. #Implement ALLthethings!