What I learned this week about Pardot Business Units

Okay, listen. I started out with Marketo. I cut my teeth with it, learned what marketing automation was, re-acquired some HTML and CSS skills to make email templates better, and I yelled a lot about how important it was for us to be segmenting our content. So much power. I say that because now IContinue reading “What I learned this week about Pardot Business Units”

What I learned this week: Providers & Self-Signed Certificates

I would say that about once a month I have a client or coworker sending me an email that looks like this and asking “what do I do?” I remember getting my first one of these and panicking, and the documentation available for admins with little knowledge of single sign-on is poor. I am prettyContinue reading “What I learned this week: Providers & Self-Signed Certificates”

What I learned this month: Adopting owned pets

In February we had crazy cold weather here in Michigan – not as bad as some places, but cold enough that when I looked outside one morning and saw a cat wandering through the snow, I knew I had to put something out for it. We found an old cat carrier downstairs, put some oldContinue reading “What I learned this month: Adopting owned pets”

What I learned this week: Airport Runway Capacity

Over the past year, I have flown to and from New York 7 times. That doesn’t seem like a very large number unless, like me, you prefer the comforts of home and Electric Hero subs from a few blocks away. Being in Grand Rapids, my direct flight options are a little bit limited. Specifically IContinue reading “What I learned this week: Airport Runway Capacity”

What I learned this week: Data Skew

Disclaimer: In the spirit of full transparency, I learned about data skew a little while ago. But the whole point is “what I learned this week.” In some cases, “this week,” just refers to this week in time…like…last week, last month, whatever. My first brush with NPSP was as a consultant. I remember very clearlyContinue reading “What I learned this week: Data Skew”

What I learned about this week: E3

Look at me, sticking with this idea of sharing the things I learn each….week….ish. And really, I’ve learned a lot this week. I’ve been studying for some exams, been setting up some new third party applications I haven’t used before. That’s cool. Know what’s even cooler? E3. E3 is infinitely cooler. To an extent, anyway.Continue reading “What I learned about this week: E3”

What I learned: TDX19

We’re just going to leave the elephant in the room right where it is, so…make peace with that. I had the great pleasure to attend TrailheaDX last week, Salesforce’s smaller developer conference, in San Francisco. It was my first TDX, but I certainly hope it won’t be my last. For those who have never been,Continue reading “What I learned: TDX19”

Morning Routines

I was just looking at my basic Twitter feed, and amidst the Salesforce and Mass Effect and election posts, there was a Promoted Tweet from the Wall Street Journal – (I’m sure you’ve all seen the article in the journal, but I want to stress that it’s all conjecture.  My feelings journal? Michael, he means theContinue reading “Morning Routines”

Live from Dreamforce

It’s Wednesday – halfway through Dreamforce, and I’m returning from a day and evening of volunteering, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and having dinner with some of my absolute favorite people. I look back on my first Dreamforce, and I look at where I am today, and I still can’t believe it. How is this myContinue reading “Live from Dreamforce”

Travel as a metaphor

I got back into Michigan from New York on Saturday afternoon, only about 13 hours after my originally scheduled time. Other at Arkus were far more delayed than I. It was all of the storms – crazy thunderstorms and a few tornado watches all along the Eastern coast that had flights coming in cancelled, whichContinue reading “Travel as a metaphor”