Closing shift

It’s been cloudy again. The days of sun really spoiled me. I finally got back to my secret little beach (not really a secret, but certainly less crowded than the local state park) and got my feet wet. But now, looking outside, it’s just gray. When I left work last night, it was dark. It’s so easy to take the summer days for granted, when it stays light out until almost 10pm.

I close again tonight, so I had all morning and have a nice chunk of the afternoon before I have to be in to work. For the past few weeks, days like these saw me staring at a computer screen, watching Netflix or glued to Pinterest. Last week I mostly had my nose in a book.

Today I’ve combined the two, got a little cleaning done, and, oh yeah, at the request of a coworker, I made this:


Well, they didn’t request QUITE this…

In speaking to my counterpart yesterday, I mentioned my recent obsession with single-serve baking. He was quite intrigued, being a bachelor himself, and he asked me to share some of the recipes.

I guess printing them seemed too easy, so instead, I wrote the recipes on note cards, hole-punched those suckers in the corner, made a little cover, and strung them together with a ring.

I guess in all of this trying to figure out who I am this seemed a fitting answer. I’m the kind of person that can’t just write down recipes. I need to make it something else entirely because sharing recipes is like sharing food, and sharing food is special. Another piece of the puzzle that is I.

One giant leap


I have officially applied to go back to school. This seems like such a trivial sentence to be so excited about saying, but for as many times as I have talked about it, thought about it, maybe planned it a little, I have actually done it. And who ever would have thought that this liberal arts-minded, crafting writer would go back for something so logical and technical as engineering? Not me. Probably no one in my family or circle of friends. Well…surprise!

I should hear back from the school in about 2 weeks.

In the meantime, I have a meeting scheduled with the director of the advising branch of PCEC to talk about how I can get the most out of my education. I spent a large chunk of today making a list of questions, looking into the various ways I’ll be able to fund the approximately $45k just for the undergraduate portion of the degree, and making this:


This is just a handy poster guide I made to make a loose guide for class schedules through the undergraduate portion of an articulated program. This does not include the year(ish) of graduate coursework that would come on the heels of this schedule.

I am going to bring this with me next Friday to see what the experts think. For the most part, I have kept a fairly light load. If I wanted to do what I did the first time around, I could cut out a semester of this, but I don’t know if 19 hours is a great idea for a math-heavy load. At least not at first, when I am dipping my feet back into pool that I stepped out of some time ago.

My reward for my hard work today?

I am going to do some math.