Impromptu Salesforce Kool-Aid Post!

I’ve never been a joiner, ladies and gentlemen. I avoided pep rallies during high school. I avoided social clubs during college. During Institute at TFA, I declined any and all of the even remotely voluntary events (and some that were not so voluntary).

I’m only pointing out all of this because if you know me – or knew me earlier in life – you know that I am not a person who drinks the kool-aid. I am a person who sits in a corner, reading a book and eying the kool-aid suspiciously. So this post is a kind of a big deal.

If I could somehow bleed onto this post, I am 68% sure that instead of blood, there would just be blue clouds and SaSSy’s tumbling out and onto the digital page. Not to mention my Trailhead badges and strings of Apex code. As I have proclaimed to my coworkers, despite their eye rolls and confused smiles, today is a Salesforce day.

MVPs were announced. In case you somehow missed that. And one of my favorite people/amazing Salesforce mentor was renewed, which makes me super excited (Sarah Deutsch, in case you’re wondering. Show her some love). A lot of the names on the list made me super excited. It feels weird to say that I know some of them, that I’ve met them.

Melissa VanDyke, for instance. I met her at Midwest Dreamin’ last year, after I had an embarrassing fangirl moment. Actually, I had a series of embarrassing fangirl moments, and later, trying to explain to my boss how exciting it was to be in the same room as Mike Gerholdt, Gillian Madill, Brent Downey, and Melissa VanDyke was nearly impossible. I summed up by saying “they’re basically Salesforce celebrities. Just go with it.”

It’s why this community is so amazing, why it draws sucks people in, inspires, and thrives. I’ve seen other groups try to do the same thing, but it seems to fall short. There’s just something about this community.

And I got my Cloak of Adventure in the mail today! It was a sign, clearly, that today was a Salesforce day. So I’m off to seek some SFDC adventure this afternoon, and I’ve got this barrel of sweet, sweet kool-aid to take with me.


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