So, um…

I think I mentioned some other project being an exercise in patience. That was a lie – a dirty, stinkin’ lie. Well, not a lie, but ignorance.

I hadn’t done cross stitching – real cross stitching – yet.

Last Friday, for my “weekend” project, I picked out a cross stitch kit at work and brought it home, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Saturday, of course, I opened the kit and found a complex maze of directions, a tangle of threads, and a needle. While I was a little intimidated, I did not give up!

Reading the directions about three times, I found the center of my cloth, pulled out some strands of the appropriate thread and began the pattern.

I was 7 stitched in before realizing there was a problem…

I even had the mind to use one of the round frames that mom had sent me in the mail.

But about thirty minutes and seven stitches into the first color, I realized there was a problem. I was swiftly approaching the bottom of the cloth – much faster than I should have been. The problem was that I was not doing it right! Shocker.

As it turns out, when you do real cross stitch, you have to make tiny, tiny stitches, one over each tiny square. You don’t skip spots or anything. So I got to pull out the thread, using the needle to move back the way it came.

But once I had it figured it out, I was rolling!

Kind of.

Here is where I got after working off and on all weekend. I would say this represents about 4.5 hours of work.

The whole pitcher isn’t even done yet!

I have three colors’ worth of shading done on one piece of the picture. Only about 97% left to go!

I might actually finish this by Christmas. And then it will be my gift to myself. And don’t worry. I will post updates as I have them.


Everyone knows I’m in over my head (except for me!)

I mentioned in my post yesterday (posts two days in a row?! I’m getting back up to speed!) that I bought a needlepoint kit to try out this weekend. I was rather excited because it comes with everything you need.

Dimensions….of difficulty that I failed to fathom

I opened that bad boy up this morning to take a peek. Aida cloth? Check. Thread? Check. Needle? Check. Instructions? Holy check, Batman.

At least the thread is sorted

Just take a look at these instructions.

Oh, nice, it has direct – what IS THIS?!

There is a Key, which lists the thread by number, then tells you, via symbol, where to use that thread and what kind of stitch to do. It also tells you, on some of them, specifically how many strands of the thread to use. You apparently have to pick apart the thread and use only x number of strands on some bits.

I’ve done cross stitch two other times. Once was in grade school. Here is the other. Neither were complicated – certainly not at the level of this thing.

So I’m in waaay over my head.

But, pshhh, when has that ever stopped me? I’ll write about how it went when I am finished.