Sales Cloud for Marketing 1: Intro

I’ve had my fun, talking about myself, letting my freak flag fly, etc.┬áBut now it’s down to brass tax and all that. No one starts a Salesforce blog just to see their words on the screen (I ┬ámean, that’s part of it) – they do it to give back to the community that offers themContinue reading “Sales Cloud for Marketing 1: Intro”

You remember 95% of what you teach

Part of the Teach for America interview process involves creating a mini lesson and presenting it to a group of individuals who are also interviewing. Naturally, as I went through the process, I put together a lesson on…well, something English related; I honestly don’t remember the exact topic. I was an English major. I stillContinue reading “You remember 95% of what you teach”

The Salesforce Blog Formula

Salesforce admins are a force (hahahahahaha) to be reckoned with. We are everywhere, and I mean that both literally abroad in the world and in cyberspace. And, I’m just coming out and saying it because, guys, we all know. The thing is to change your persona; you get involved in Salesforce, and you’re no longerContinue reading “The Salesforce Blog Formula”

Rebranding (v.) – what I’m doing now

I don’t mean to brag, but I took a marketing class in college to meet the requirements for a Business Administration minor. As useful as an English degree is, I thought having some semblance of business acumen to support it would be a good idea. That decision has paid off. So I know a littleContinue reading “Rebranding (v.) – what I’m doing now”