Haunting Sunday

Alas, the Packers lost today. Despite that, Eric and I were fantastically productive. We got laundry done, cleaned the living areas, and we redecorated our porch with the new Halloween decorations that my MIL graciously gave to us. We also decorated a little bit inside, but I must say that our porch is sufficiently creepy,Continue reading “Haunting Sunday”

Challenge Complete!

Despite my garden area being butchered this weekend, I went ahead and finished my porch remodel. In fact, I am typing this post at the little desk-made-table, sipping on some sweet-tea vodka and lemonade, on the porch. Eric is reading a book at the table across from me, and we have the windows open toContinue reading “Challenge Complete!”

Wedding Wednesday: The Sam & Eric Exhibit

Happy Hump Day! So, if you’ve read more than one post on this lil blog, you will see that I enjoy puns and alliteration more than should be allowed. Perhaps it’s a throwback from my days of writing MLA papers (MLA requires the use of a creative title), or perhaps it’s just another quirk ofContinue reading “Wedding Wednesday: The Sam & Eric Exhibit”