Super birthday ideas

My brother turns 11 this year, and while I still need to come to terms with that, I can easily move onto thinking about totally sweet birthday ideas for him in August.

After talking to my mom for a while today, I got a great start. She is redoing his room to be a superhero theme, which I think is about the coolest idea ever. Maybe the only thing cooler would be a Doctor Who theme. But I digress. With that in mind, I’m thinking it’s time to get crafty!

There are so many home decor items for sale with a superhero theme, but I don’t want to just buy something and send it. I would much rather make something specifically for him, but then, isn’t that one of the reasons that we craft? Still, it’s a lot easier to steal an idea than to come up with one, so here is what I’ve found:

Spiderman room from Pottery barn

All kinds of decor at Amazon

Marvel sells stuff, too

Check out all of these products

And etc.

There are just as many craft websites with how-to’s and examples of completely remodeled rooms. Of course, since I’m not there, and I can’t just go in like a whirlwind, I need to keep things kind of low key. I’m thinking maybe some wall decor, a door sign, self-made decals, etc. Mom requested a curtain, which I am happy to do.

So here are some fabric ideas:

Marvel Retro Comics Packed Superheroes Multi Fabulously retro, courtesy of

Marvel Comics Superhero Names on Beige - Fat Quarter Quilt Fabric Some of Marvel’s big guns, or at least their titles

DC Comics Batman Joker's Back - Fat Quarter Quilt Fabric For a little more variety, try some DC comics

These would make a good curtain – maybe even sheets or pillow cases.

As for other projects, I’m thinking his name in wooden letters, decoupaged with comics. O paper letters on a string?

Decoupaged letters here.

My concern with the wooden letters is that they are kind of becoming cliché, and no offense, but my brother is totally original, so he deserves totally original stuff, too. Which is why I’m leaning toward paper letters on a string, a la wedding banners.

Regardless, I’m going to try to draw him some stuff, too. Maybe frame it, maybe use it for the decoupage, but I think that would be fun.

I am out of town again this weekend, so no posts from me. Be on the lookout for a guest post, though!


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