It’s October!

And that means one month left to NaNoWriMo!

They reset their site every October, though, and that means that I spent about an hour today writing a synopsis for my novel idea this year. And I am not exaggerating, by the way; it really did take me that long. I think at one point I had one sentence written, and I just stared at it, hoping it would self-procreate, dividing itself into more sentences.

It did not, by the way, in case you were wondering.

But I did eventually come up with something that I could stand. I also posted an excerpt, and I also drew the cover!

Version 1! Silhouette not colored in.

The inspiration for the cover was hurricane meets James Bond. I wasn’t sure how to make the hurricane completely obvious, but, really, I don’t care. Final product is below.

Silhouette shaded

Overall, I was pleased with the outcome, and the synopsis I thought was fairly well balanced.

I also have some upcoming news. I got some good news today, but it won’t be complete until Thursday. I will have to post again then.

Progress on Eric’s gift is promising. I have a solid idea finally, and I am making progress. I will post when able, and I will start on Christmas soon!

So much going on…so little time! And November will be spent writing mostly. Crap. I didn’t think about that. Best get to it!


Lazy Saturday

I kind of just woke up from a two hour nap. Eric and I went out for Mexican food for lunch, then wandered around one of those season-only Halloween shops. But I am getting ahead of myself here. So let’s take it from the beginning.

This morning was unusual in that Eric woke up at the same time as me. I made my Saturday call to mom, and while speaking with her, I drank a huge cup of coffee. Delicious. Eric made us eggs and toast for breakfast, and we eschewed the television for pleasantries.

Weekends are definitely Eric’s project time, so he went about getting some terrain building, and I decided to tackle knitting again.


This weekend was “Friends and Family” weekend at Michaels. I got a sweet 40% off you entire purchase coupon for my part-time drudgery there, and I was determined to use it. Eric and I thus found ourselves wandering the store at 8pm last night. He picked out some painting supplies, and I treated myself to a new sketchbook and a “I Taught Myself Knitting” pack, which includes an instructional book, two sets of needles, a stitch holder, and a bunch of things that I don’t know how to use yet. All of this for around $30 – $20 off is not bad.

Then we went grocery shopping, and I was delirious, so that was also fun.

~End Flashback!~

With instructions in hand, I went about reading and looking at diagrams, and I went to knitting. Here’s what I came up with for today:

This is actually try #2. 4 rows. And yes, that is Gambit Issue 2 in the background, for those of you wondering!

I was quite pleased with my project. I found that the continental method works best for me, and I did a knit-on cast, which did wonders for keeping things more even. I can’t seem to get the grip of the yarn in my left hand right, but I’m more concerned right now with remembering how to knit more than doing it well.

Next up, I will work on purl stitch and see where we can go. The book has some great projects for me to work on. Christmas presents, ahoy!

I’ve been working keenly on Eric’s birthday present, and my mom’s is up next. Then I can get to Christmas. I hope. I may have gone and dug a hole that is a bit too deep for me, but I will persevere! Roar!

Back to the beginning of the post now, where Eric and I went for some delicious Mexican food, talked about needing to learn Spanish, and then traipsed about the Halloween store. We were both tired when we got back, so we took a nap. Eric woke up after about 20 minutes; I needed 2 hours. Go figure.

While we were sitting on the couch, I drew this to wake up:

Eric had no idea. Mwuhahahahahaha.

So I have now justified both purchases at work yesterday by using my new materials. Now I’m going to go paint.

Pictures of Eric’s present will be here around mid-October, after I unveil it at the Old Man’s house.

Gah. Wouldn’t you know, I’m still tired?


Fantasy Football Friday…

Sunday is the draft for our fantasy football league. I have been doing mock drafts this week, and I’ve been working, obviously. Today, as I left work, I bought a few supplies for the weekend. I haven’t done a really crafty project in a while, and my hands need to be busy.

I bought a needlepoint kit; I didn’t even realize how amazing these kits were. They come with everything. They have the Aida, the thread…even a needle! So I’ll be wrist-deep in some cotton thread, probably cursing up a storm about the pattern, at some point this weekend. It’ll be great!

In other news, I lost my camera. It’s somewhere in the house, for sure, but I don’t know where. But no worries! I can still take pictures with my computer when necessary.

I digress!

I bought the needlepoint kit, yes. But I didn’t want to make it today and not have it to do later this weekend. Besides, as I mentioned, the fantasy football draft is Sunday, and football Packers season is starting! In honor of that, I made a fantasy football chart for us to use at home.

I also drew the pictures to accompany the team names!

For the record: My team is Deadpool Corps and Eric is Verbal Wirbelwind.

Here’s the picture I took with my computer. Hopefully I will find my camera, so I can take some really good pictures of the needlepoint. In the meantime, here is the poster…and my gin and tonic. Mmmm. Happy Friday!