Fantasy Football Friday…

Sunday is the draft for our fantasy football league. I have been doing mock drafts this week, and I’ve been working, obviously. Today, as I left work, I bought a few supplies for the weekend. I haven’t done a really crafty project in a while, and my hands need to be busy.

I bought a needlepoint kit; I didn’t even realize how amazing these kits were. They come with everything. They have the Aida, the thread…even a needle! So I’ll be wrist-deep in some cotton thread, probably cursing up a storm about the pattern, at some point this weekend. It’ll be great!

In other news, I lost my camera. It’s somewhere in the house, for sure, but I don’t know where. But no worries! I can still take pictures with my computer when necessary.

I digress!

I bought the needlepoint kit, yes. But I didn’t want to make it today and not have it to do later this weekend. Besides, as I mentioned, the fantasy football draft is Sunday, and football Packers season is starting! In honor of that, I made a fantasy football chart for us to use at home.

I also drew the pictures to accompany the team names!

For the record: My team is Deadpool Corps and Eric is Verbal Wirbelwind.

Here’s the picture I took with my computer. Hopefully I will find my camera, so I can take some really good pictures of the needlepoint. In the meantime, here is the poster…and my gin and tonic. Mmmm. Happy Friday!

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