Trial, error, and sloppy work

Work today was nice and fast, and I spent about a half hour afterward shopping. I bought some materials for Eric to make some new wash for our miniatures, and I also picked up a few possible TARDIS supplies.

I had thought about buying a flat, square jewelry box, along with some pine planks to extend the height of the box. I even made peace with the fact that, if I went the jewelry box idea, I might not get a very convincing replica. Still, I didn’t want to buy all of these supplies, bring them home, build the thing, and find that something didn’t work. My main fear was that the paint would not look authentic, or at least not enough for me. So today I just bought a pine plank and the blue paint.

When I got home, I set myself up to paint two fake doors on the plank, this way I would have one door for the jewelry box that would look like the two-panel front of the TARDIS. The base coat looked promising. I like the blue that I picked out because it’s reminiscent of the classic police box look, so that was definitely a success.

Alas, as I was looking at the plank, I realized that painting two panels on it would not work; the panels would be too tall and narrow. And the plank itself is not tall enough, not to mention that if I used two planks per side, I would have a hilariously large jewelry box. I need to rethink this plan now – either I need to build a TARDIS, or I need to build a jewelry box. One must come before the other.

I am calling this a partial success. I like the blue (yay!) and I didn’t pay $20ish just to find that my idea wouldn’t work out to my absurdly high standards. Obviously, since I am not sharing a heart-warming story of TARDIS building and clever pictures of a blue police/jewelry box, it was not a complete success. I’ll take it, though.

So back to the drawing board. I found a great picture of a TARDIS in the process of being built, which showed the frame. That is super helpful. What I’m thinking is I’ll just make the police box, not worry about jewelry, and then maybe make a jewelry box another time.

With a blue plank of wood, I just fiddled around with it. One side was an attempt at one of the panels of the TARDIS, but when it turned sour, I did some very shoddy Galifreyan symbol on it. On the other side, I just wrote “Allons-y” with a Sharpie, also fairly shoddy, all things considered.

Regardless, this blog is not just about showing off my successes. I also have to show the work that I’m not proud of, so here you are.

Mmmm! Cookies! (And TARDIS update)

Nothing says warm weather like baking! Well, okay, maybe that’s not entirely true, but I decided to try a new cookie recipe today. You can find it here.

If you’re not a recipe-reading type, then I will give you the basics: whole wheat flour, oats, granulated and brown sugar, vanilla, egg, baking powder, salt, butter, and canola oil. Oh – and chocolate chips. I substituted apple sauce for the oil because that’s what I had on hand, and I like that it is naturally sweet. Also, the recipe calls for you to blend the oats, but I opted to keep them…oatish. I prefer them that way.

Everything you need to be delicious cookies…

One thing I liked about this recipe is that it calls for you to whip the butter first, and I think that made a difference.

Point of interest: for some reason, I keep forgetting that I bought a cheap hand mixer at the dollar store one day when I was in Arkansas. I remember today, thanks to the recipe calling for one, and I used it. Boy was it easier. I didn’t use it for the dry ingredient mixing because, well, I don’t want my kitchen covered in flour.

All my dry ingredients say “WHAT?!”

Just whipping up some cookies…get it? Ha ha…
Cookies: the re-mix

The other thing I did different this time was that, as I added each ingredient, I put it away. Usually I do the mixing and then put everything away when I’m done. But I found I kept better track of what I’d used, and the clean up during bake time was easier. I always clean my dishes while my goodies are baking. Let’s call it “earning the calories I’m amount to consume”.

It’s gettin’ hot in here…I’d say about 350.

A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen