A “wicked” oriental salad

This week has had me dragging my heels, and this blog is suffering for it. Sorry. Again. Geez, I’ve been saying that a lot, huh? Need to get my butt in gear. The good news is that work is keeping me fairly busy, plus cooking and crafting – mostly painting – and that is why I have not been writing quite as much as, perhaps, I should be. Work will be keeping me even busier soon, since I’m taking up some temporary stuff, too. Luckily, I have a few deadlines that will have me posting some good craft stuff soon.

For now, we are sticking to the kitchen where I made an oriental salad a few days ago that I had tried at my in-laws’ house a few weekends ago. It was amazing, and I made it this week in an effort to keep healthy food on the table. This was almost the week of salads, but we had a few non-salad meals that unfortunately broke that record.

-Pause here while I watch a video of Jeremy Renner. Mmmm. –

Like many oriental salads, this one uses partially cooked ramen noodles to give it a crunch and cole slaw, though I substituted broccoli slaw. I also skipped the green onion because I forgot to buy it, and I only used one packet of seasoning instead of two to cut down on the sodium.

Little bit of vinegar, little bit of oil, sugar, and spice.

The loss of the extra packet did not make a significant difference in taste, and to compensate I used a little bit more vinegar. The broccoli slaw made it a little crunchier, and I prefer it to regular ‘slaw anyway. I toasted the almonds on the stove – burned a few, too (oops!).

Dry ingredients. Not yet -as- delicious.

I started the whole process a little later than I meant to, so dinner wasn’t quite ready when Eric got home. That also meant I lost a little soaking time – maybe an hour. But it still soaked in fairly well, and it made great leftovers!

Hey! Speaking of Jeremy Renner, there’s the article from Esquire!

I was quite pleased with the way this turned out, and I will definitely be making it again.

As I mentioned, I have another recipe to share next, for another salad, too. I painted two miniatures today, but I forgot to take the “miniature magic” pics, so I will do that next time. And one of them is probably not PG, so it won’t be making an appearance.

In the meantime, folks, keep it crafty!



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