Wine Bottle Mach 2: This time, it’s personal

So not long ago (read: yesterday), I mentioned that I was unable to recreate a craft that I found on Pinterest. I also mentioned that, upon investigation, I learned the problem was that I did not first prime the bottle.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I remedied that but good.

Today I decided to give it another go, so I grabbed another wine bottle from my collection, some Mod Podge, some paint, and some brushes, and I went at it. The only real question was whether to name this post “Mach 2” or “Wine Bottle: The Remix”…still not completely swayed one way or the other, but I had to use something.

THIS is the answer to my problems!

I didn’t have the matte finish, which I read was a good way to prime glass, but I had the glossy, and I figured it would work just as well. So without researching, I just went ahead and coated it.

The bottle’s clothes are invisible!

One thing I did, just to make sure I wasn’t about to waste a lot of time on something that wouldn’t work at all, was I painted just the neck of the bottle to test it out.

Just like it looked before…

I would still need a second, and maybe even third coat, but it was coating much more evenly, so I saw this as a sign to move forward.

As you can see, I went with a different color choice here. I decided to use my TARDIS blue for good luck (yeah, I guess I should update on that soonish, too). It came out nice – the color really pops.

You might say this technique was true blue?

I don’t have chalkboard paint or twine, so I made my own little twist for the finish touches. I used a green, shimmery ribbon (one that I used on my pincushion) and green paint to create the writing box. Then I just painted words on. If I decide I don’t like them later, I can paint over it!

The wine glass was the special touch

So I think the end result was an improvement for sure. Now I’m just not sure how to use this – a flower vase, perhaps? Or, if I bought a funnel, I could keep drinks in it for when we have guests – be them alcoholic or not.





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