Twofer Tuesday 2: Bean and Tomato Salad

What a day. I learned a trick to get a pick-me-up in the day that I will try tomorrow for date night. In light of all of that, I am showcasing a salad I made last week: tomato and bean salad. The original recipe calls for it to be served a bed of tomatoes, butContinue reading “Twofer Tuesday 2: Bean and Tomato Salad”

A “wicked” oriental salad

This week has had me dragging my heels, and this blog is suffering for it. Sorry. Again. Geez, I’ve been saying that a lot, huh? Need to get my butt in gear. The good news is that work is keeping me fairly busy, plus cooking and crafting – mostly painting – and that is whyContinue reading “A “wicked” oriental salad”