Twofer Tuesday 2: The problem with Pinterest

Given that I probably lost any and all readers with the title alone, I feel like I need to put a disclaimer here and say that I love Pinterest. I am as addicted as any self-respecting crafter. This post is simply an example of a problem with using it…just…you’ll see.

While scouring on Pinterest a week or so ago, I stumbled across a great idea for upcycling wine bottles: take an empty bottle, paint it a fun color, paint a portion with chalkboard paint, and wrap some twine/string around the neck of the bottle. It looked really cool, and it looked easy. So I repinned it for something to do later.

I had a few bottles stacking up, so I decided to work on it this week. Since I had Monday off, it seemed like a great project to do while I watched some horror films. Easy! I grabbed a bottle, nabbed some of my favorite paint colors, and settled down at the coffee table to see what I could do.

Even after peeling for 15 minutes, all the little sticky pieces were on the bottle

Clean and ready for a coat of paint…or so I thought

As it turns out, acrylic paint doesn’t coat glass very well – at least not the first coat. Apparently this is common knowledge, but I had no idea because, for most of my life, I have been craft-challenged. I’ve looked it up by now, so I know that you have to prime the glass – one person suggested Mod Podge matte finish, which of course I have upstairs!

The paint just moves around on the glass…

My point here is that, since I found the craft idea on Pinterest, there was not a handy how-to guide for this project. Today I tried to find the origin, but after following the path back through about 5 users, and I still couldn’t find the original source. A little bit more digging suggests that the original source was Etsy, which means that there was no guide in the first place because someone is selling them.

I also get a lot of ideas from Etsy, but I always know to look up how to do something before I start when someone is selling the product because chances are I don’t know how to do it. I don’t mind using Pinterest the same way, but I guess I got it in my head that most of the ideas on Pinterest came with a how-to guide, too. Obviously not.

Of course, a lot of this confusion would be solved if people cited their sources.

English degree strikes again!

Did I mention a chunk of the green paint came off? So I went a little crazy…

So…what next? Good thing I’ve got that pile. I’ll start another one later this week…or next, so I can finish Joey’s bday presents in time.