Twofer Tuesday 2: If we can’t save this craft, you can be damn sure we’ll avenge it

I’ll be the first to admit that the title is too long, but I really could not help myself.

I’ve seen The Avengers 3 times – not as many as some, but more than I am accustomed to visiting the big screen, so any chance I have to quote the movie is a win in my book. This was one of those chances; I took it.

Along with my cooking adventure today, I finally nailed down an idea for a use for two glass bowls(?) that I got for dirt cheap at the local Goodwill. I had originally intended to do a basic decoupage on them, make them a little more than just glass. Nothing was coming to me, and nothing was shouting at me for an answer. I scoured Google, Pinterest, all of those crafty-people web hangouts, and I couldn’t nail anything down.

Until today! Thank you, Well Dressed Home.

If you follow that link, you will see a series of 6 “profile magnets”, which are pretty much what they sound like. I didn’t have magnets, though, I had bowls(?), so I thought it would probably be even easier. Then I sat around for about a half hour, trying to decide what kind of profile I should design and cut out.

With Dark Knight Rises looming over the horizon, my first thought was the Bat Signal! How epic would that be? But then I realized that I didn’t really have anything to “pop” behind the black signal. I thought about taping some paper down and painting around it, so that the shape would be glass, and the rest would just be painted. But I wanted the bottoms to be completely covered if I could help it.

Then I remembered that I bought some temporary tattoos a while back for testing purposes – i.e. will temporary tattoos stick to wood or glass? They are Avengers tattoos, and the cardboard backing in the package had a big picture of the heroes! Perfect! Avengers is pretty much just as good at Batman, so I would just use that. And I did.

A bowl, some temporary tattoos, and a marker = good times.

But, this being me, there were a few snags.

1. My first thought was to cut out the Avengers’ A from the cardboard, so I would have a colorful A surrounded by a sea of black, or maybe blue. This wouldn’t work because I would have had to cut the A so small that you would not see the characters at all.

Circle of heroes!

Math! Had to make my A the right way…

What’s it pointing to?