Frame job

What with a gigantic gaming basement now, Eric has been thinking/hoping/dreaming about an epic game table. He did a lot of research online, found some companies that make super game tables, and he mourned the exorbitant prices of them. Thus, he decided that the best option would be to make one.

So I spent 5 hours in the garage today with him working on this:


Tomorrow I’ll be helping to attach legs and a small lower shelf.

In case you’re wondering, here’s what we did.

1. Cut 5 8ft 2x4s into 4 ft blocks

2. Screwed 9 of said 4ft chunks into two 8ft 2x4s using 3 inch drywall screws.

3. Attached 1x6s on each side on the bottom outside of each 8ft plank.

4. Screwed 1x6s perpendicular to those opposite the 2×4, creating a trough on each side.

5. Screwed on smaller 5ft 1×6 panels to each end of the table, completing the frame.

6. Dropped an 8ft by 4ft plank inside the main portion of the frame, using a rubber mallet to hammer it down into place.

So what we currently have is a 4ft by 8ft gaming area with two 8ft by 6inch troughs that can accommodate dice, drinks, books, or anything else that would otherwise take up game space.

As I mentioned, tomorrow we’ll be hoisting that 150lb monstrosity onto some legs to complete the project.

I’m amazed we got this far. Although I did manage to get my finger in the way of the power tool and drill the side of said finger. That hurt a little bit, not gonna lie. But then…it wouldn’t be a project by me if I didn’t screw up something. A-ha!

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