The (actual) first day of Spring

The sun showed its majestic face today, and it just so happens to be my day off. With the weather channel touting a balmy 40 degrees in Holland, I simply had to get out and adventure.

I went to the lake – the first time since August, I’m pretty sure – and I was looking for some peace of mind, perspective, and any other number of philosophical ideals that start with the letter p. Mostly I wanted to enjoy the sun and my day off. I brought my camera, my sketchbook, and my trusty Moleskine.

Blue skies and blue waves
Blue skies and blue waves

I had ever intention of playing the part of deep artist while there, but I have to admit that the wind made it difficult to do much in the way of paper crafts. I walked around, took some pictures, and I did some writing. Here are some snippets of my writing:

“This is reminiscent of 4 years ago, sitting on the beach in Steilacoom. It feels like an eternity ago – sitting alone at a Denny’s, trying to figure out what the **** I was going to do, how I could make it on the West Coast.”

“So much we can learn from nature – its wisdom surpasses our meager understanding of it.”

Snow that is lingering
Snow that is lingering

I don’t know if I found what I was looking for. There is a lot going on in life right now. We made an offer on a house, have the inspection tomorrow, and if all goes well, we’ll be closing at the end of April.

My boss has declared officially that he is grooming me to move up in the company, and while I am excited at the opportunity, I am already saddened by the thought that I would have to leave my current team to go lead another one. My desire to stay where I am is silly and selfish, and really, when the time comes, I know that I will move on. It’s an exciting opportunity.

I also decided to pump the brakes on school. I’ve been rushing into things headfirst for so long that I’ve forgotten to breathe. It was when I made that decision that things at work started to fall into place. I’m still going to go back to school, continue learning, but I’m not going to be in such a rush. My life has been nothing but a swift and unpredictable current for the past 5 years; it’s time to slow down. I just hope that I can actually, you know, slow down with it.


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